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A Wild Guertena Appears

"A Wild Guertena Appears" is the "A Wild __ Appears" tag used for the freeware game "Ib".

We are currently displaying the Guertena Exhibit.


The Guertena Exhibit displayed in a certain art museum.

When we see very high-quality Ib fanworks, so beautiful that they seem to have been created by Guertena himself, then we say that a wild Guertena has appeared.

Basically, the phrase means "As high-quality as kouri's work".

Wouldn't it be wonderful to see the work of all these wild Guertenas displayed in a museum someday?


This tag can be found on pictures of everything from the main characters to Guertena's works of art. There are also many pictures focusing on the main cast that feature Guertena's works as well.

The reason that there are so many images of arts and crafts in the tag is likely because Guertena himself was a sculptor as well as a painter.

This tag is also often applied to pictures that are beautiful in general rather than having the exact same sense of surrealism as Guertena's art.

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