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Chapter 3 : The Legacy Of New World

Third Official Event in Fantasy themed project 'pixiv Fantasia NW'.

Investigating the three ruins, Pioneers found out that there is the existance of other civilisation, the cause of the formation of 'This' world, in the depths of the continent.

Pioneers goes further in, however, mysterious barrier obstructs them...

Area 1

The Land of Blizzard (氷雪の土地)

One of the power source of barrier is located in the west, the Land of the White Guardian. Pioneers starts exploring in the severe blizzard.

Area 2

The Tower of Other World (異世界の塔)

This black metal tower is remembered in history of lost civilisation. All of 100th floor are full of dangerous traps. To remove the barrier, pioneers must get to the top of the tower!

Area 3

The Primeval Highlands (原始の高原)

Crossing the desert, there's vast plain that ruled by gigantic creatures and the Ore Giants. Pioneers tries to cross this field to reach the volcanic zone - the Land of the Red Guardian.


Area 1 (1st boss)Great Icy Beetle (大氷甲虫)
Super gigantic beetle that carries the Land of the White Guardian on its back.
Needed Points to defeat80,000 (total of 3 countries)
MVP ItemEternal Ice Ore


Area 1 (2nd boss)Obsidia the Heresy Flame (異端の火オブシディア)
Young and strong flame spirit of a criminal organization.
Needed Points to defeat50,000 (total of 2 countries)
MVP ItemBlue Fire


Area 2Fused Thing of Other World (異界の融合者)
Collective body of Darkness Knowledge Eaters.
Needed Points to defeat30,000 (total of 3 countries)
MVP ItemIron Dagger of Other World


Area 3 (1st boss)Brimstone Giant (火石の巨人)
Ore giant that sends out the heat.
Needed Points to defeat40,000 (total of 3 countries)
MVP ItemBrimstone Sword

【PFNW】 火石の巨人 【ハイロンド】
【PFNW】バツーン バツーン【原始の高原】

Area 3 (2nd boss)Benitsuru the Red Winged Sorcerer (赤羽の術師ベニツル)
Cruel birdman of a criminal organization.
Needed Points to defeat20,000 (total of 2 countries)
MVP ItemGrimoire of the Seeker


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Name of AreasThe Land of BlizzardThe Tower of Other WorldThe Primeval Highlands
Tags for Hyrond(ハイロンド)氷雪の土地【青】異世界の塔【青】原始の高原【青】
Tags for Brizhen(ブライゼン)氷雪の土地【赤】異世界の塔【赤】原始の高原【赤】
Tags for Amudamina(アムダミナ)氷雪の土地【黄】異世界の塔【黄】原始の高原【黄】

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