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Final Chapter : The Convergence Of Worlds

Final Official Event in Fantasy themed project 'pixiv Fantasia NW'.

Pioneers has succeeded to remove the barrier, but they finally noticed that they fell into the snare of a man behind the curtain.

Orun, ostensibly a genius researcher of Brizhen, revealed his true self - Mastermind of the criminal organization 'The Seeker'.


Now Orun and his subordinates are hiding inside most mysterious dungeon, The Legacy Of New World. Pioneers of three countries must stop his scheme!

Area 1

Level of Rust (赤錆びた階層)

This level has been destroyed by the battles in ancient times. Pioneers will find broken weapons, the heaps of wreckage, and a fanatic flame spirit.

Area 2

Level of Lives (生命の階層)

This level seems to have been research facilities for the ecology of various creatures. Nature has encroached into the dungeon, and dangerous monsters are wandering around. To make matters worse, a bloodthirsty killer is looking forward to battle against strong warriors.

Area 3

Level of Memories(記憶の階層)

This level is large archive. Literature, epitaph, and all sort of storage medium are in storage. Orun's devoted henchman is waiting for Pioneers on the way that leads to the lowest level of dungeon...


Area 1 Obsidia, the Heresy Flame (異端の火オブシディア)
Young and strong flame spirit of criminal organization 'Seeker'.
Needed Points to defeat50000 from interim report to last day
MVP ItemBlue Flame Ribbon


Area 2 Weather, the Berserk Swordman (狂戦の剣士ウェザー)
Crazy battle maniac that has cooperative relationship with 'Seeker'.
Needed Points to defeat70000 from interim report to last day
MVP ItemBerserker's Sword


Area 3 Haze, the Seeker's Squire (求道者の腹心ヘイズ)
Orun's most trusted subordinate. Hyrond NPC Casmith's older brother. He turned into a monster at interim report.
Needed Points to defeat60000 from interim report to last day
MVP ItemHaze's Sword


Last Boss Orun the Seeker (求道者オールン)
Mastermind of the criminal organization 'The Seeker'. He's about to make new world at the sacrifice of present world.
Needed Points to defeat500000 → 100000 in last day (Total of 3 countries at all area)
MVP ItemRecord of Seeking


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Name of AreasLevel of RustLevel of LivesLevel of Memories
Tags for Hyrond(ハイロンド)赤錆びた階層【青】生命の階層【青】記憶の階層【青】
Tags for Brizhen(ブライゼン)赤錆びた階層【赤】生命の階層【赤】記憶の階層【赤】
Tags for Amudamina(アムダミナ)赤錆びた階層【黄】生命の階層【黄】記憶の階層【黄】

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