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The Mistoria(ミストリア) is "The kingdom of serve Ancient Dragon from time immemorial". It is one of the five battling countries in Pixiv Fantasia Sword Regalia.

This is a translation of the official details released by arohaJ.
Credit for the original translation goes to Riard.


This country holding by riches of Nature, many kinds spirits and aged gods is living.
The Race of serving Ancient Dragon from before other continents visit.
Have a history that cast five testimony sword of kings, and give it for five traveler.
All of a certain this race have proud, but they love peace,showed their intention to friendly for other countries that haven't hostility.
Be under the rule of Mistorian Queen long time, but she died by Ancient Dragon's runaway.
The second righter of succession, Gie succeeded to the throne.

Mistrian Queen's party the earliest got information that Ancient Dragon's runaway, and went to center of Regalia for stop it.
But Mistrian Queen's party was annihilated by monsters that made by Ancient Dragon.
New king Gie lost mother and elder brother, stand up for peace of Regalia in sorrow.


King Gie

Race of Regalian spirit royal family that serving Ancient Dragon, and The second righter of succession but succeeded to the throne cause lost mother and elder brother by Ancient Dragon's runaway.


Belong to Mistorian Knights, the female knight of Regalian spirit.
One of the "Laurel's clan" that serving royal family,
Save as Gie from childhood, and same Gie's elder sister.


Spirit of tree and serving royal family for generations, Mintorian minister.
Be well informed about Regalia's history and Ancient Dragon's knowledge.


Eiries's farther and Mistorian Knights's Grandmaster.
Cheerful personality that rare case of spirits, strange man in their race.
A master swordsman of Mistorian Knights, and teaching sword for Gie.