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Official side-events for Pixiv Fantasia Sword Regalia

Adventurer's Guild Millionbell

My name is Seven, I run the Adventurers Guild. There are many mysteries in this world and we gather people up to solve them. Hey, are you interested in a job?

About Adventurers Guild Events: The main storyline is about war, so these events have far simpler rules. In the end of the event, interesting works will be showcased.

Request 1: Phantom Beast Investigation
Scholars have listed 5 creatures on the map of Regalia. Our guild has tried to find these beasts before and failed. They're ferocious creatures so please don't die.

How to participate:

Draw a scene with YOUR personal interpretation of the monster! Please rank the monster by

  • Rarity
  • Danger

from A to E in your caption.
Also, please describe the habitat of the monster.
Here is a handy dandy Japanese template to copy/paste into your caption:
【生息地/Habitat】(Insert habitat here. Clicking on 日本語 on the side of of any Wikipedia article should suffice.)【希少度/Rarity】ABCDE【危険度/Danger】ABCDE

Please use the tag "幻獣の調査" with your artwork.

Request 2: Adventurer Escort
The Idrisui Tribe lives all across Regalia. Help this one Idrisui travel across the land. These people are being targeted heavily so please exercise extreme caution. Don't forget to bring back souvenirs!

About the Idrisui Tribe:
Ancestors of a tribe that guided the original 5 Travellers around Regalia. A tribe that took part in Regalia's creation. These adventurers have been working on creating a more accurate map of Regalia. It's unknown just how many members of this tribe remain.

How to participate:

-Draw a scene of an adventure in Regalia!

  • Please include the Idruisui Tribe in your artwork.

Please use the tag "冒険家の護衛" with your artwork

Translation of what the Idrisui's saying: "Mi mimimimimi mi mi(I'm counting on you!"

You can use illustrations for Adventure Guild quests with Chapter 3 official event tags. So if you do something that fits the request requirements AND fits within the chapter 3 events, you can add tags for both events to your artwork!

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