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Riku Furude

Ieasomuru’s Husband.Oka’s father.Rika's ancestors.


First AppearanceKotohogushi-hen
Voice actorTomokazu Seki

Furude Riku is one of Rika's ancestors, also the Heir and the Shinto Priest of the Furude House. He is the husband of the adult appearing Furude Hanyū and the father of Furude Oka.


Riku fell in love with Hai-Ryūn Ieasomūru Jeda, and they later had a child together: Furude Ōka. He gave Hai-Ryūn her nickname "Hanyū," because he had a hard time trying to remember and pronounce her name. She chooses to retain this nickname centuries later when she appears close to Rika's age.

Riku has a polite yet bold and playful personality. He never feared Hanyū for her horns or background. It is later revealed that he was the infant that Hanyū had rescued 20 years prior.

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