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How to use pixiv Encyclopedia

What is pixiv Encyclopedia?

pixiv Encyclopedia (pixpedia) is a service run by pixiv where one can write articles explaining tags used in pixiv. Anyone with a pixiv account may write explainations about pixiv's tags, and point out relevant works and tags so that newcomers will be able to become comfortable with pixiv easily.

About creating an article

To create an article on pixpedia, click on the icon beside the tag of any artwork you come across on the main site. You'll be directed to the pixpedia page, where you can start creating an article for it. Existing articles will be marked with a green note icon; and articles that are not created yet will be marked with a white note with a ? symbol. This will easily show whether articles related to that particular tag has been created or not. Also, while the above method only works for tags that already exists in pixiv, you may also confirm whether articles for specific tags exist or not by simply typing the URL address in. For example : https://en-dic.pixiv.net/a/pixiv-tan

Articles that are created or edited by users will be shown in their edit history under their own pixiv name. Also, after the article is created, it will take some time for the green note icon to show up on the main site itself.

While it looks easy to create an article at pixpedia, we do have our own notations for it. Please refer to ""About pixpedia notations"" for details.

About editing an article

For existing articles, you can edit the article by clicking the "Edit Article" button found at the right side of the page below the category section. For revision history, you just have to insert a summary of your edit contents so use it actively.

Things to note

When creating an article at pixpedia, you are required to enter the following details : "Article title", "Article overview (within 250 words)", "Article category", and "Article main text"

Edit article title

Tags that are used in pixiv will be the same as the article titles used in pixpedia. Therefore once an article in pixpedia is created, it will be impossible to edit the title of the article anymore. So please be careful not to make any mistakes when attaching tags on pixiv.


Each article in pixpedia will have a comment field where users can leave their comments. You may leave any comments, or discuss how the article should be written, what to put or not to put; you may even leave contacts, so use it actively. Also, you have to login your pixiv account in order to comment, and written comments will show pixiv's user ID.

What should I write?

Basically explanation on tags. Its origins, its related projects or works, as well as related links that direct them to other article pages and so on. Anything is fine as long as the tag is explained in detail and served its purpose to the viewers.

Can I attach images?

Yes, you can. However, My pixiv only related illustrations or R-18 related illustrations will be restricted from public viewing. While you can post illustrations of it, it will not be shown on the thumbnail. You will be notified with a viewing restriction message about it. When you click on it you will be sent to the artwork page itself.

About notations in pixiv Encyclopedia

These are the following notations available for use in pixiv Encyclopedia

* Banner header (at beginning of line*

This is a banner header (at the beginning of line*

** Midheader (at the beginning of the line**

This is a midheader (at the beginning of the line**

*** Subheader (at the beginning of line**

This is a subheader (at the beginning of the line**


Words turned bold


Words turned italic

[[pixpedia Interlink]]

pixpedia Interlink

※ Since the tag "pixpedia Interlink" does not exist on pixiv, you cannot write an article about this.
At the edit screen, by writing in [[pixiv-tan]] in, it becomes pixiv-tan, and it will be posted as an article link within pixiv Encyclopedia.

[[External side link > https://pixiv.net]]

This will link to websites outside pixiv Encyclopedia.

|^You may|create|table covers|
|^with|this method| |

You maycreatetable covers
withthis method 

- Use a dash
- to create a list

  • Use a dash
  • to create a list

+ You may
+ use the plus sign
+ to create numbered list

  1. You may
  2. use the plus sign
  3. to create numbered list