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Senki Zesshou Symphogear

Senki Zesshou Symphogear (Tag name: 戦姫絶唱シンフォギア) is is a Japanese anime series produced by Encourage Films, with production assistance from Satelight.
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The anime is an original production created by Noriyasu Agematsu (from the music group Elements Garden) and Akifumi Kaneko (a game creator), with illustrations by the Dan Yoshii, and creature designs by okama. The anime is also Noriyasu's first original anime work, instead of involving in music composition and the production of anime songs. The original concept was created by Noriyasu while Akifumi (whom is well known as the creator of Wild Arms series) compiled all the ideas and re-arranged them into 13 episodes.

The series concept uses music as the main theme of the show, which the concept of fighting while singing being the main focus of the show.

The series originally received a manga adaption by Dan Yoshii, and is currently serializing in Newtype Ace (starting Vol.4, December 2011 issue), and the anime is currently airing in TokyoMX from January 6, 2012, along with Nico Nico Douga began streaming distribution a week later. This show is also available for streaming on NicoNico.

Story Synopsis編集

In the near distant future, humanity is threatened by the existence of Noise, an alien race which will turn humans into carbon, effectively killing them. The only thing that can go against them would be using the armor known as Symphogear, a relic which is amplified using the power of song.

Two years ago, a pair of idols, Tsubasa Kazanari and Kanade Amou, collectively known as ZweiWing, fought against an alien race known as Noise using armor known as Symphogear. However, in order to protect a girl, Hibiki Tachibana, who is attacked by the Noise and nearly died from that battle, Kanade implanted a fragment of her powers into Hibiki's body, effectively giving her the power to control the Symphogear. Leaving her last words, Kanade ended up sacrificing herself in the battle as the result.

2 years later, both Hibiki and Tsubasa entered Lydian Music Private Academy, whom both of them encountered each other. As Tsubasa has fought the Noise alone, Hibiki ends up gaining the same power as Kanade.


Symphogear Wielders編集

Hibiki Tachibana (立花響) (CV:Aoi Yuuki)

The main protagonist of the show. Hibiki is a first year high school student of Lydian Music Academy, who also attends the same school as Tsubasa. She holds the power to wield the third relic, "Gungnir" (ガングニール), which originally belonged to Kanade, who died protecting her.

Tsubasa Kazanari (風鳴翼) (CV:Nana Mizuki)

A cold, aloof girl who refused Hibiki as her replacement partner after Kanade's death. Formerly a part of the duo known as ZweiWing, she is a Symphogear wielder who possess the first relic Amano Habakiri (天羽々斬) and her Arms Gear is a long katana.

Kanade Amou (天羽奏) (CV:Minami Takayama)

Formerly a part of the duo ZweiWing. She died 2 years ago protecting Kanade from the enemy, Noise.

Chris Setsuin (雪音クリス) (CV:Ayahi Takagaki)

A mysterious girl who wields the Nehushtan Armor, and can summon and command noise at will.

Mobile Disaster Response Corps編集

Genjuurou Kazanari (風鳴弦十郎) (CV:Hideo Ishikawa) - The commander and leader of the 2nd Division Mobile Disaster Response Corps, and also Tsubasa's uncle.

Ryoko Sakurai (櫻井了子) (CV:Miyuki Sawashiro) - The Head Scientist of the 2nd Division Mobile Disaster Response Corps, also the person who created the Symphogear.

Shinji Ogawa (緒川慎次) (CV:Souichiro Hoshi) - An agent working for the 2nd Division Mobile Disaster Response Corps. Also the manager of Tsubasa.

Sakuya Fujitaka (藤尭朔也) (CV:Kenji Akabane) - An operator of the 2nd Division Mobile Disaster Response Corps.

Aoi Tomosato (友里あおい) (CV:Asami Seto) - An operator of the 2nd Division Mobile Disaster Response Corps.

Students of Lydian Music Academy編集

Miku Kohinata (小日向未来) (CV:Yuka Iguchi)

Hibiki's childhood friend and also a classmate. A best friend whom both of them share a dorm room. Miku is especially concerned for Hibiki's safety.

Kuriyo Andou (CV:Mikako Komatsu)

Shiori Terashima (CV:Nao Touyama)

Yumi Itaba (CV: Chinatsu Akasaki)


Original Story : Noriyasu Agematsu / Akifumi Kaneko

Director : Tatsufumi Itou

Series Composition/Script : Akifumi Kaneko

Original Character Designer : Dan Yoshii

Character Designer・Chief Animation Director : Satoshi Koike

General Animation Director : Satoru Fujimoto

Action Director : Fumiaki Kouta

Color Settings : Mayu Saitou

Creature Designer : okama

Future Visuals : Stanislas Brunet, Thomas Romain, Yann Le Gall

Art Director : Takashi Nishimura

Background Director : Atelier Rourke 07

Photography Director : Takaharu Ozaki

Photography : MADBOX

Editing : Takeshi Sadamatsu

Sound Director : Satoshi Motoyama

Music Producer : Noriyasu Agematsu

Music : Elements Garden (Noriyasu Agematsu, Junpei Fujita, Hitoshi Fujima)

Animation by : Encourage Flims

Animation Assistance : Satelight

Production : Project SYMPHOGEAR (Projectシンフォギア)(King Records/Aniplex/Dwango/Bushiroad/Kinyosha/Memory Tech/Good Smile Company)

Theme Song編集

Opening Theme


Vocals:Nana Mizuki

Ending Theme

「Meteor Light」

Vocals:Ayahi Takagaki

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TV Anime

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Mecha Girl

Wild Arms

Suite PreCure

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