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Ugoira (うごイラ) is a tag used for works in pixiv's animation display system that was implemented in 2014.
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Ugoira (うごイラ) is short for moving illustration (うごくイラスト, ugoku irasuto):

Ugo = Ugoku (動く), moving in English.

Ira = Irasuto(イラスト), illustration in English.

It is a creation/display system implemented on pixiv on June 25, 2014.

The system works as an animation by displaying multiple images submitted by users in a continuous loop at specified intervals.

The image format can be (non-moving) GIF, PNG, or JPEG (animated GIFs can be submitted as they are), as they are displayed continuously with JavaScript.

When you submit your work via the Ugoira form on the manga submission page (PC version), the "Ugoira" tag will be automatically attached, just as it is in the manga viewer.

Note that since 2019, the specifications have been slightly changed in conjunction with the complete revision of the illustration and cartoon submission function, and the pause of the animation has been changed from "directly clicking on the image" to "pressing the stop button on the bottom right of the image. Clicking directly on the image displays it in the same form as the full-size display of the illustration.

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