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Projects (企画) on pixiv are events in which participants submit immerse themselves in the setting provided by the organizer and use the specified tags.
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Projects (企画, kikaku) on pixiv refers to events held on the site. The organizer decides on the original picture, theme, etc., and other pixiv users contribute pictures based on the theme.

The tag is attached to the article that represents the event.

Recently, it is preferable to use the project index tag, which is displayed on the top page.

History on Projects編集

In the beginning, projects were a kind of social event for individual users to draw works based on the template pictures created by the project owner, or to draw things based on a specific theme.

These projects were well received by users, and as more and more projects were launched, fixed tags, image responses, and other functions were supported by the operators, which gradually made them more common.

In addition to copyrighted works, large-scale crossover projects such as Pixiv Fantasia and Pikupiku, in which individual pixiv users share the characters and settings they have created, have also gained popularity and are still ongoing.

Pixiv management also sells art books featuring pictures from these official projects, and it is expected that these projects will continue to develop further through the efforts of both users and management.

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