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This page is a brief introduction to pixiv Encyclopedia. The information provided below is updated by official pixiv Encyclopedia staff members. (Regular pixiv accounts cannot edit this article.)
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What kind of service does pixiv Encyclopedia provide?

pixiv Encyclopedia is a collaborative encyclopedia that provides information about various topics related to anime, manga, games, design, and art, whether it be lingo, trends, culture, or specific works.

pixiv Encyclopedia's mission is to "build a community by letting fans explain what they're most passionate about in their own words".

How you can use pixiv Encyclopedia

  • Anyone can read articles posted in the Encyclopedia.
  • You can post new articles using your pixiv account.
  • You can edit previously posted articles using your pixiv account.
  • pixiv tags are linked to pixiv Encyclopedia articles so that pixiv users interested in learning more can read the Encyclopedia article.

To learn more about how to post and edit articles, please check "About posting and editing articles" in the Help section.

A message from pixiv Encyclopedia

What to write

We encourage everyone to write articles that inspire other fans. Such as:

  • Articles for current and future fans about your favorite characters and works to increase the number of fellow fans and entertain your friends!
  • Articles about the context and history of a specific trend or event using useful facts to help people gain an accurate understanding of it, thereby enabling them to enjoy the topic more deeply.

What not to do

This list is not comprehensive. Please refrain from unacceptable behavior and language when using pixiv Encyclopedia and do not post articles or comments that may cause harm or distress to others.

  • If there are multiple, contradictory opinions about the content of an article, do not try to suppress other people's opinions.
  • Do not make fun of others, use discriminatory language, or expose personal information.
  • Do not post content for the specific purpose of elevating or denigrating a specific group of people.
  • Do not post content that is unsuitable for minors or content that incites criminal conduct.
  • Do not post articles based on lies or unproven claims.
  • Do not copy someone else's work word-for-word into an article (no plagiarism). If you would like to quote someone else's work, you must use proper citations that detail where the passage originally appeared and who wrote it.

To learn more, please check the pixiv Terms of Use, and the pixiv Encyclopedia Guidelines.

The pixiv Encyclopedia staff and pixiv Editorial team do not, in principle, edit article content created by the community. If an article contains inappropriate content, pixiv asks that the community moderate such content among themselves.

If there is a major problem with an article title or edit history, or if a problem occurs that users are not capable of solving on their own, please contact the pixiv staff through the "Report a problem" button on the right sidebar of the article page.

The pixiv staff will determine whether the infraction merits a warning, account suspension, or deletion of the article and/or comments.

Points to consider when editing

The pixiv Encyclopedia is a collaborative encyclopedia.

Anyone can edit articles in order to contribute to the Encyclopedia. Feel free to edit an article if you would like to provide a more detailed explanation or if you find a mistake that you would like to correct.

(If you would like to post content that others cannot edit, or use your own unique words to express something, please post your comments as individual works on your pixiv page.)

To ensure a safe and comfortable experience for readers and co-editors of the pixiv Encyclopedia, please take the following points into consideration.

How to write better articles

  • Collate similar content into a single article
    • If you write articles about the same content under different titles, you might confuse both readers and editors. Please collate articles about similar content into a single article, and use links to other articles about related content as needed.
  • Please do not write articles that are excessively short or articles about topics you yourself have made up
    • If there are too many articles that provide too little explanation or articles about subjects most people are not interested in, it becomes more difficult for everyone to find the articles that they want to read. If too little explanation is provided, we recommend that you lump the element you want to write about into a longer summary article related to the content in question. Before writing a new article, please consider whether that article is really necessary.
  • Break up excessively long articles into shorter articles
    • Articles that contain too much content make it more difficult for readers to find the content they're looking for. Breaking up long articles into articles explaining works, individual characters, etc. makes articles more readable.

Tips for avoiding unproductive discourse

  • Please try to discuss points of contention with the relevant editors of said article before you start editing the article directly if you disagree with the content in an article
    • If you get into an editing war with another user, the article content will never be finalized. Therefore,please discuss the content with other users in the edit history or the comments section.
  • Please refrain from using strong language, and let other users have their say
    • Using language such as threats, ridicule, and put-downs prevents productive discussion. Please be polite.

If you find yourself talking with someone who refuses to engage in polite discussion or who repeatedly engages in prohibited conduct, please contact us by reporting them from the "Report a problem" button on their profile page and selecting "Causing problems on pixiv Encyclopedia" as the reason.

The pixiv staff will confirm the contents of the report, and take appropriate measures if necessary, such as sending the user a warning, suspending their account, or deleting the article and/or comments.

If you would like to practice editing...

There is a Sandbox Article to help you practice editing articles on pixiv Encyclopedia.

You can check on the notation used in pixiv Encyclopedia, and see how your edits will be reflected on the actual article page.

For details, please check the Help article "I want to practice editing articles".


Thank you for reading this article.

If you would like to learn more about rules and etiquette on pixiv Encyclopedia, please check the FAQ.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in making pixiv Encyclopedia a fun and safe space for everyone.

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