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Kuusou Forest

A remixed version of "Souzou Forest".


A rearranged version of "Souzou Forest" included on the album Mekakucity Days. There are no alterations to the lyrics, but some of the synthesized portions of the instrumentation have been changed to a live performance.

See Souzou Forest for details.


【MV】 じん 「空想フォレスト」

A new original PV by Wannyanpuu was revealed just before the album was released. There are many changes from the original PV for Souzou Forest, and parts of the original movie that were difficult to understand were redrawn, along with new cute scenes featuring Marie and Seto.

According to a magazine interview with Jin, Kuusou Forest is something more than just a powered-up version of Souzou Forest, but no further explanation was made.

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