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R-18G (Tag name: R-18G) is a tag used for (almost) Ero-guro works posted in pixiv.
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The following sentence is taken from the English version of the Guideline page.

  • Images which contain inhuman cruelty which are exaggerated to be needlessly shocking.
  • Images which might turn such cruel or shocking content into a meme.

In other words, any illustrations that depict extreme violence, blood, gore and disturbing elements that causes any viewer to feel disgusted, fall under this category.

However, the subject regarding what exactly is allowed nor disallowed remains vague, but here are the examples of illustrations that don't get removed even if the subject is considered a candidate for deletion:

  • Body defects(Mutated body parts, or illustrations that depict organs getting separated from the body, etc)
  • Exaggerated romanticism of fecal matter (Scatology
  • Public display of inner body organs
  • Extreme blood loss

Furthermore, considering how users may have their own opinion in what actually considers as R-18G, similar to R-18, the whole definition turned a lot vague than what it was intended: For instance, Katawa Shoujo may have elements that portray body defects (simply put, disability) but it does not portray any violent nor disturbing elements. Hence it's wise to think twice before judging what exactly constitutes as "disturbing".

To Disable Browsing R-18G

The following method will help you disable Ero-guro (Guro) content in pixiv:

  • "Change Settings" → "Work Rating" → "Ero-guro works(R-18G)" → "Hide"

Disturbing works without proper work rating classification can be reported using the "Report this work" button found below the illustration detail page. Similarly, one can also report anyone who tags a normal work with R-18G (to prevent this particular work from getting viewed) even when it's not (usually due to trolling). The pixiv team will deal with them accordingly once it is confirmed as an act of a prankster.


The ranking for R-18G can be found on the R-18 page, located at the bottom right of the page. The rankings are calculated weekly.

Unlike most rankings, considering not everyone can handle Ero-guro works, it's considered one of the not-so-popular rankings among all categories.

Common Knowledge

As long as the person who submits the work set his/her own work as R-18G, the work will be hidden from the specific users who set their R-18G view settings off.

Hence, anyone can use this tag to hide their works from some users, though the usefulness of this method may be redundant depending on some people.

Naturally, considering how users who off their R-18G will obviously won't be able to find any works in that very category, such works will definitely won't gain much views. Even if the person who submits removed the R-18G tag in their illustrations will still have the [ R-18G ] displayed on the illustration detail page as long as the work rating is set as R-18G.

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