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Dark History

The Dark History (Tag Name : 黒歴史) is a series of untold history that has yet to be uncovered and is hidden until this day.
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Initially a term used in the anime ∀ Gundam, The Dark History refers to the forgotten past before the Correct Century timeline and was related to the ∀ Gundam itself.

During the events of the anime, the dark history was revealed to be in fact the previous Gundam timelines dating from the Universal Century to the alternate timelines of Future Century, After Colony and After War. Various mobile suits used by the characters and battle scenes from various Gundam anime are viewed as records of the dark history.

Due to this revelation followed by sources from various books explaining ∀ Gundam's story, many Gundam fans believe that the timelines of the entire Gundam series before Gundam SEED- are connected.

Internet Slang

The Dark History is also a term used in the internet to describe a past history an individual would like to undo or want to forget. However, it depends on the individual to perceive whether it is or is not.

Nevertheless there are people who view things which are claimed to be a "dark history" among many as not one, causing heated debates or arguments.


For people that are currently actors, famous people, singers, sportsmen etc.:

  • Children's shows, variety shows, commercials done at the early stages of their career.
  • A début single being related to an anime.
  • Accidents or incidents during a vacation which gained instant fame.
  • Idols who appear in variety shows accidentally confessing they had once did shoplifting and the shop ironically closed down.
  • Briskly the Bear's initial design → Eroskly

Anime, Film, Games, etc:


"One does not care to acknowledge the mistakes of one's youth." -Char Aznable

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