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Guizhong was the Lord of Dust in Genshin Impact.


Affil­ia­tionsGuili Assembly, Adepti

Guizhong, also known as Haagentus was the Lord of Dust. She is best known as one of the gods who presided over the Guili Assembly, which she established alongside Morax and Marchosius, and for her mechanisms such as the Guizhong Ballista.


She perished in a battle during the Archon War, while a massive flood forced the Guili Assembly's inhabitants to move south to Liyue Harbor. Since her death, Guizhong's legacy has been preserved in historical texts.


Guizhong was a benevolent, gentle-natured goddess. She sympathized with humans, understanding their fragility and yearning for intelligence out of fear of their own mortality. Knowing that her strength was inferior to Morax's, she relied on strategy and wisdom to survive and allied with him so she could complement his brawn with her brains. During her life, she grew close to the other god; during their first meeting, she tried hiding how excited she was when she gave him the stone dumbbell that would symbolize their pledge, and many of the extant texts about the Guili Assembly reference their bond.

She hoped for her people to be wise and strong, to stand by a moral code, and to unite in protecting their home, the Guili Assembly. She also taught her people how to tend the soil, and herself was particularly fond of Glaze Lilies. In return, she was adored by her people.


Guizhong was devoted to the study of mechanics and collected dangerous machines such as Ruin Hunters and Ruin Guards for the sake of her research. With the help of the adepti, she built the Guizhong Ballista at the Mt. Tianheng pass to defend their territory from invaders.

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