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List of Hetalia Group Tags

This is a list of tags for groups of four or more Axis Powers: Hetalia characters.

Please refer to:
List of Hetalia Characters And Their Nicknames for individual characters;
List of Hetalia Combination Tags for two characters;
and List of Hetalia Trio Tags for three characters.

※This is a work in progress. Please contribute by editing.
※Only list the most popular tag for each group. Similar tags go to individual tag pages.
※Some of the tags may refer to both a group and a trio.
※The tags are listed in 五十音順 (alphabetic order for Japanese kana).

The West (Europe and America)

19歳組America, Poland, Lithuania, Belarus(, Canada)
悪友子分Prussia, France, Spain, South Italy
悪友東西Prussia, France, Spain, Germany
悪友とお花Prussia, France, Spain, Hungary
悪友と貴族Prussia, France, Spain, Austria
悪友とまゆげPrussia, France, Spain, England
ヴァルガス家族North Italy, Germany, South Italy, Spain
弟妹組America, Germany, Liechtenstein, Belarus
お花家族Germany, North Italy, Chibitalia, Holy Roman Empire
親馬鹿家族England, America, Spain, South Italy
兄妹組Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Belarus
ゲルマジャールGermany, Prussia, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Hungary(, Germania)
ゲルマン一家Germany, Prussia, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Sweden, Holy Roman Empire, Germania(, England, Denmark)
作物組Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Prussia
ソビイズ(ソビーズ)Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia(, Poland)
チームうさちゃんEngland, Prussia, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, Liechtenstein
中欧カルテットSwitzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Hungary
東西南北Germany, Prussia, North Italy, South Italy
トマト一味Spain, Belgium, South Italy, Cuba, Netherlands
ハプスんちAustria, Spain, Chibitalia, (chibi)South Italy, Holy Roman Empire, Belgium, Netherlands
不憫ズ兄弟Germany, Prussia, America, England
北諸組Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark(, Sealand)
ほんわか一家Chibitalia, Holy Roman Empire, Austria, Hungary


亜細亜組Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea(, Vietnam, Thailand, Mongolia, Macau, Tibet, Turkey)
アジア☆セブンJapan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand
ちびあじあChina, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea (Everyone as kids, except China)


にょたじあJapan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea(, Macau) (can include Taiwan and Vietnam as girls)
にょた連合England, America, France, Russia, China

The world

亜欧兄弟England, America, China, Japan
悪友の子育てPrussia, France, Spain, South Italy, England, Canada, Seychelles
悪友とオタクPrussia, France, Spain, Japan
アーサー連邦England, Canada, Hong Kong, Seychelles, Australia, New Zealand
オスマン家Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Hungary, Bulgaria, North Cyprus
オタクと眉毛England, America, France, Japan
カークランド家England, America, Hong Kong, Sealand, Canada
グループEJapan, Netherlands, Denmark, Cameroon
鎖国組Japan, South Korea, China, Netherlands
G8Germany, (North) Italy, Japan, England, France, America, Russia, Canada
常任理事組England, America, France, Russia, China
新大陸家族England, France, America, Canada
枢軸一家North Italy, Germany, Japan, Prussia, South Italy
すうじぷGermany, Prussia, North Italy, Japan
すうれんNorth Italy, Germany, Japan, England, America, France, Russia, China(, Canada)
SMK(世界眼鏡協会)America, Canada, Austria, Sweden, Thailand, Estonia, Cameroon, Monaco, Macau(, Turkey?)
太陽一家North Italy, South Italy, Spain, Japan
二次会組England, America, China, Russia
のんのか枢軸North Italy, Germany, South Italy, Austria, Hungary, Prussia, Finland, Bulgaria, Thailand
ヘタ女子Hungary, Liechtenstein, Belarus, Ukraine, Belgium, Seychelles, Taiwan, Vietnam, Monaco, Wy
ヘタリアオールスターズNearly everyone
ミクロネーションズSealand, Wy, Seborga, Kogelmugel, Hutt River, Niconico Republic, Ladonia, Molossia
連合国England, America, France, Russia, China(, Canada)
ろまじくNorth Italy, South Italy, Germany, Japan

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