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Rotten 3 Families

Rotten 3 Families (Tag name: 腐三家) is one of the trio tags used in Hetalia.

Rotten 3 Families is a group illustration tag used in Hetalia: Axis Powers. It involves the three characters Japan, Taiwan and Hungary.


The origin of this tag stems from the treatment of fujoshis and fudanshi by the fans of the series, as well as the parody of Otaku 3 Families lead to the existence of this tag.

Because of that, the contents attached with this tag (usually fan manga) are usually for fujoshis, but has gag elements.

Since Japan is an otaku, him being a fudanshi is never potrayed. And since Taiwan being a fujoshi is purely fan imagination, any link in between Taiwan and fujoshi related are purely non-canonical.

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