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Anxious Girl

Anxious Girl is a girl representing Taiwan from the Hetalia franchise.

Anxious Girl is a tag used for illustrations for the character Taiwan from Hetalia:Axis Powers. She is also referred to as The Republic Of China.

Characters that are not related to Hetalia or Anxious Girl will be tagged as "Taiwan" instead.

She is voiced by Yuki Kaida.


Anxious Girl is a teenage girl who wears a peach (or bright pink)-colored qipao with gold trim and long, flowing sleeves, and a long white skirt. Her hair is long and brown, with a wild curly strand sticking out on the right side of her head. She wears pink flowers in her hair, and a chibi sketch of her by Himaruya revealed that she has a flower-shaped birthmark (or tattoo) on her left thigh.

Origin of the Name and Tag

The origin of the tag comes from Himaruya's website where he described her as "In a way she unable to stop worrying", which lead to the nickname.

She also recieved many nicknames such as Wan-chan, Wannyan, or Wan. But since too many nicknames (tags) with similar meanings will end up being pointless, the fans decided to stick with the name Anxious Girl and hence linking the character with this tag is recommended.

Personality and Interests

Taiwan is described as a strong-willed, fashionable young woman, but also said to have become more of a nervous type in recent times, unable to stop worrying.

Though she had yet to make an appearance in the actual manga, she was depicted in various sketches and appeared in the profile section of Hetalia: Axis Powers volume 2. Her role in the drama track for the eighth Hetalia character CD portrayed her as a rather smart-mouthed girl with a somewhat quick temper and a cheerful disposition. She uses "Watashi" to refer herself, speaks with an accent and usually ends her speech copula with a delayed tone.

She was sometimes potrayed as a fujoshi along with Hungary and Japan. However this personality only applies to deriviative based works from the fans of Hetalia and is not in anyway official.



She addresses him as "teacher" in the drama CD, but calls him a "bastard" in an earlier sketch. An early illustration showed that she cannot stand China, and prefers Japan, ordering China to leave him alone. In the drama CD, she treats him in a slightly more friendly manner, but still has very low patience towards his quirks.


Instead of China she prefers Japan, much to China's dismay. This could stem from the real life fact of China's repeated dismissal of Taiwan's sovereignty, and the general well-being and mutual respect between the real life islands.

Misc. Info

Name Taiwan (Zhōnghuá Mínguó) (中華民國)
Human Name It is assumed that her name, from a recent blog post, to possibly be Lin Yi Ling or Xiao Mei.
BirthdayOctober 25
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
First Appearance (volume)Volume 2 (Profile Only)
First Appearance (strip)Axis Powers Hetalia 3 World Map
Japanese VAYuki Kaida

Also, due to the popularity of Hikaru Aizawa in Japan, artists sometimes draw a cosplay version of Anxious Girl, mainly because the both of them share the same origin, which is Taiwan.


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