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Near China East Asia at island.A province of China.


Near China East Asia at island. A province of China.


The island was the savage rule of the Chinese Ming Dynasty, 17th century Dutch colony.
Then Zheng Chenggong drive out the Dutch rule.
Chung defeat the Qing Dynasty ruled next continent Chinese mass moved.
1895, won the Sino-Japanese War Japan governed rapidly modernizing.
1945 WWⅡ defeated by Japan, Taiwan and China have moved to rule, Nationalist Party in the civil war, Communist Party defeated headquartered in Taiwan, and the conflict in the island continent.
Following the rule of the KMT, currently undergoing economic development progresses, democratization of the region constitute an important one corner, and the continent continues to be a delicate relationship.


Taipei skyscraper "101 Taipei" that is built.
Aboriginal remains and a variety of old culture, popular culture more alien.Spring many.
Chinese language is divided into the main Beijing-based system to Taiwan. Used Chinese Simplified Unlike continental Traditional is used a lot of strokes.

Relations with Japan

There are also many remnants of Japanophile the Japanese colonial period. Some people Japanese they also have through.
Some of the Japanese culture was brought to Taiwan through the Japanese colonial period and settled in Taiwan, but also the young generation in Japan Anime, Comics, Music such a high popularity.
Japan the 1970s, People's Republic of China when diplomatic relations and signed a Republic of China severance of diplomatic relations and diplomatic relations, until now, Republic of China but not approved as a state, both public and private Politics mic exchange has continued, to visit Taiwan panese any tourists. In cooperation with Japanese companies Politics ugh that as well.

Pixiv and Taiwan

pixiv to members and residents of Taiwan and those from artist are many and to have also become an international forum for one day.

Taiwanese User(taiwan、台湾、台灣、臺灣)

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