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Trigald is one of the three empires on the continent of Edelion, from the pixiv Fantasia V event.

Trigald is one of the three empires on the continent of Edelion, from the pixiv Fantasia V event.

Official Characters

Lucas the Second Trigald's Emperor (Bottom-most male character)

Trigald's second emperor.
After the emperor who created the Trigald Empire died, he came out ahead in the scramble to become the emperor's successor.
Wants to unite the continent of Edelion by invading the neighbouring two empires.

Don Gardeel Duke of the Norm people (Armored Mustache on the bottom right)

The Duke of the Normish, as appointed by the first emperor.
Has also gained fame by living through the various battlefields during the Trigald War.

Roderick The "Silver Coin Mercenaries'" commander. (Bottom left, the male with the golden hair)

Commander of the Silver Coin Mercenaries, whose name is feared across the lands of Emeraldia.
He has the blood of the Emeraldia royal family, who lost the Trigald War. 

Elcilia Royal Fairy (Top right, female with short silver hair)

The fairy chief who rules the Nollands.
An observer who likes to make decisions based on the most ideal outcome. Even though she didn't want to join the war, she has joined the Trigald banner with persuasion from Don Gardeel.

Carmen Royal of Red Hair (Top middle, female with red hair)

The female duke who governs the merchant city of Nova Gartua, on the island of Carnelia.
Her cold attitude has given her a fearsome reputation from the neighbouring regions as the "Royal of Red Hair".

Country Outline


Places and People Belonging to Trigald

Rebel Mobile Brigade Hipopo Squad Noud Area Aerial Fortress Hræsvelgr The Criminal Organisation Lindworm The Dark Army Deathstorm"Lily and the Sword" Close-Guard Military Command Suqad "Orkhestra" "Bull Bullet" The Black Lion Squad Falke Mercenary Knights "The Hidden Guards Cerberus" The Ecouse Mounted Squadron "Deadstock" The Band Panillion Patrone Sniper Division The Blade of Four Eyes The Green Wasp Knights Gald Central Military Research Agency RoseGhost Farenopsys Independent Division "Red Steel" "Hawkeye Union" Sygros Squad

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