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pixiv Fantasia V

pixiv Fantasy V is the fifth fantasy-themed project within pixiv.
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Proper name: "pixiv Fantasia V"

Other names: "PFV (PF5)" "pixfan" and such

Duration: January 27, 2011 ~ April 3, 2011

※The end date for the event was changed to April 3 from March 27 due to the earthquake.

Project owner: aroha J

Project Summary

Divide into 3 factions, obtain viewer points for the fantasy art you draw,

and lead your faction to victory!

Base your illustrations on the 3 empires fighting for the domination of the land.

Anything from its heroic warriors, the world's inhabitants, the land's geography, items and so forth.

Even original works with a fantasy theme are okay.

Let's create a fantasy world using our submissions.

Project Details


How to Participate

After drawing your fantasy-themed picture, attach the "pixiv Fantasia V" tag and the tag of the factions involved: "Trigald" "Galgardia" or "Zailans"

This will allow your submission to affect how the story progresses.

※This is not a art sharing project but a theme project.

There is no need to submit character sheet-like information from other projects.

As it is the creator's principle to not have any specific character sheets and similar information, please consult "The Adventurer's Guide : Information About pixiv Fantasia.

Similarly, should you have any questions about the project, the pixiv Fantasia Q&A would be where you want to go.

World Setting

In the continent of Edelion, Galgardia lies to its North, Trigald to its West and Zailans to its East.

The three empires fight for domination over the land.

World MapInformation About Each Faction

Official Events

Chapter 1Chapter 2
Chapter 3Final Chapter

Chapter 1 Spring in the Land of No Grass

Battle on the Moonlit Plains

Chapter 2 One Land, Three Swords

Invasion of Albion (North)/Invasion of Albion (West)

Battle of Emeraldia (West)/Battle of Emeraldia (East)

Battle of the Silver Seas (East)/Battle of the Silver Seas (North)

Chapter 3 Those Who Carry on the Will

Battle of Nolland (North)/Battle of Nolland (West)

Siege of Spellbea (East)/Siege of Spellbea (West)

Battle of Arksand Hill (North)/Battle of Arksand Hill (East)

Final Chapter Edelion's Song

Final Battle of the Three Empires (North)/Final Battle of the Three Empires (East)/Final Battle of the Three Empires (West)

The compass directions depict the following empires (North) : Galgardia, (West) : Trigald, (East) : Zailans

Requests from the Adventurer's Guild


:"The Monster Owner's Request" "The Aristocrat's Request"

:"The Sword Hunter's Request" "The Alchemist's Request"

:"The Nun's Request" "The Frontier Knight's Request"

:"Record of the Battle of the Three Empires"

Related Tags

Projects List / Fantasy

Unofficial Tags(Selected Tags)

※All information on Official, Event and Non-official tags can be found on the PFV Tags List.

※Also, the unofficial events produced by the participants are compiled under the PF5 Non-official Event tag.

  • PixFan Guide:Given to works which explain particular things or if you want to deliver information about something.
  • pixiv Fantasia V World Setting:The tag used for all information about the continent Edelion, its geography, items or culture.
  • PF5 Sidestory:The tag given to entries with stories outside of the main story (the flow of the official event)
  • PF5 Scenery:The tag given to works which illustrate the world, as well as any particularly interesting scenery.
  • PF5 Music:The tag used for the music given to the world's characters.

Outside Pages

"pixiv Fantasia" Series

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