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pixiv Fantasia SR

pixiv Fantasia SR(Sword Regalia) is a fantasy themed project organised by arohaJ.

※※Some translations, such as name of the place or person, are phonetic equivalent words, and might not be accurate. ※※

Official Name: pixiv Fantasia Sword Regalia』
aka: PFSR
Opening Period: 01/05/2012 ~ 24/06/2012
Project Organiser:aroha J


Official Project Notice Clip(※Powered by Niconico)
――Long time ago, somewhere far away,there was a ground where ancient dragon had created
――Five travelers who traveled for a long time wishing for a New World,
Arrived to this land.――

――This is a tale of five countries
that ancient dragon has blessed swords and continent to.――

(Quotes from the clip)

The World of PFSR

Mysteria/ミストリアGuildore/ギルドアThe Continent of Regalia/レガリア大陸

Joined in from 2nd chapter


Opening Period and Rules



 Chapter 1
 Chapter 2
 Chapter 3
 Final Chapter

Adventurers Guild Requests

Some Aproaches by Users

In PFSR, there are few things users have created for us to have more fun in the project, which will be introduced below.

Un-official Tags

 ※Please add some tags that is considered important. More detailed one will be gathered here.

・Tags relating to Characters
PFSRPC…Tag for characters that lives in the continent of Regalia (what commonly used in other projects for Character Sheets).
【PFSR】交流しようよ!…Tag for users that wants to colaborate with one others characters.
PFSR【ギルドシート】…If you put this tag in the Guild post, it will be easier for others to find (concider it as a application form to make Guild).
PFSRメンバー募集…It will be useful to recruit new members in you Guild or Party. We recommend you to take them off when your finished with recruiting.

・Tags relating to Conceptual Ideas
pixivファンタジアSR世界設定…This tag should be added to the conceptual ideas for The Continent of Regalia. Recommended to use if you want to spread your imagination to how the world of PFSR looks and works.

・Other tags
PFSRアイテム…Try adding this tag in the original items you have made, and wants everyone else to use. Mysterious things are welcome, because it is Fantasy!

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