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Aledohr(エルドール) is "the magical kingdom that worships the Golden Wing". It is one of the five countries in Pixiv Fantasia Sword Regalia.

This is a translation of the official details.
Credit for the original translation goes to 春奈(Haruna)


A long time ago, the "Hermit Sage Kifune" arrived on the new land of Regalia, and the Ancient Dragon bestowed a sword and kingship upon him. As the first King of Aledohr, he ordered land to become to capital of magic and wisdom.
Mages and alchemists from all across the lands came from all over Relaia to further their knowledge. Also, extreme followers of the Ancient Dragon have also taken up residence.

The Ancient Dragon who created Regalia, having lived a long time already, has lost control and begun to pour his remaning life force and power, giving rise to numerous monsters.

Aledohr's King, Ellius is determined to put a stop to this. He carries the Sword of the Creator, as previous kings of Aledohr have.


King Ellius

King Ellius has ruled the kingdom of Aledohr for ten years.
In editon to being king, he is well known for his alchemy and magic.
His goal is to calm the ancient dragon and unify Regalia.
He holds the Golden Sword bequeathed by the Ancient Dragon.

Hermit Sage Kifune

One of the original five travelers who first came to Regalia. After founding Aledohr he still presides over numerous lands for hundreds of years, aiding the king. Having lived a long time, he's lost his trust in the Ancient Dragon.

Zylbeir the Sorcerer

A Nightling who lives in the Forest of Darkness in the south portion of Aledohr. He serves Ellius as a Royal Court Mage using the power of Nature. He has a very unwavering personality and doesn't like the flippant Kifune.

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