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Guildore Trade Federation (ギルドア通商連合) is "the nation of the great merchants". It is one of the battling nations in Pixiv Fantasia Sword Regalia.

This is a translation of the official details released by arohaJ.
Credit for the original translation goes to 春奈(Haruna)


Called the "Regalia Gate", Guildore controls all trade between Regalia and the Eastern nations. The Merchant King Guildore was given a sword and land by the Ancient Dragon, and he established a merchant capital. A different kind of wisdom and magic remains preserved in the East, and peoples from all across the land reside in it. There's rumored to be a secret society collecting treasures and wealth from around the world.

The Ancient Dragon who ruled over Regalia has since gone mad, the Merchant King Aya has taken a proactive stance, moving armies to put an end to the Ancient Dragon's scourge.


Merchant King Aya

All trade in the regular and underground worlds is under the control of Guildore Trade Federation Master Aya. Guildore aims to unite Regalia under 1 republican banner. The Merchant King Guildore was granted the Sword of Darkness by the Ancient Dragon.

The Eastern Sage Raban

Guildore's Ministry of Defense is a sorcerer who hails from Aledohr. The Hermit Sage Kifune himself transformed Raban into a beast after standing against him. He researches Eastern Magic in Guildore.

General Izeria

A Giant amazoness who has sworn loyalty to Aya. She is a master of all weapon technology and a talented rider. She is the equivalent of a thousand warriors on the battlefield.

The Shadow Group

A secret society that has sworn loyalty to the king Guildore. They gather intel and assassinate on Aya's orders. Shrouded in darkness and hiding in the east, the underground supposedly started with them.

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