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Lzarier (ルザリア)is the "Kingdom of the Fiery Red Rose". It is one of the five countries in Pixiv Fantasia Sword Regalia.

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A militaristic dictatorship to the south ruled by humans. There was a time when the land had no name or ruler, one of the 5 travelers, The Red Knight Dwight was bequeathed a blazing sword - the proof of kingship-thus making him king of the south western land of Lzaria. As the flow of time passed, the king grew weak and the current queen, Scarlet, was able to overthrow him. The land became renowned for individuals with power and guile, knights and mercenaries from throughout the lands call this country home.

One day, Lzarier was under attack from monsters and many soldiers of Lzarier fell. Queen Scarlet discovered that the reason for all these monsters appearing was the Ancient Dragon's awakening. She has set out to the center of Regalia to defeat the Ancient Dragon; the queen who will kill a god will also take the entire land for herself.


Queen Scarlet

The commoner who through force and perseverance took the crown for herself. She yearns to kill the Ancient Dragon and make Regalia hers. She holds the Blazing Sword-bequeathed by the Ancient Dragon- proving her worth as Queen.

General Getz

An elderly general who served the former royal family. He is a battle hardened warrior who keeps his his eyes on the prize, causing those near him to distrust him. Though considered villainous by others, the Queen acknowledges his abilities.

Briar Knight Meitricks

A knight who fought against the monsters who assaulted Lzaria and protected it. Born in a house of knights that served the former royal family, he pledged his loyalty to Scarlet after she disposed of the former king.

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