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Mysteria (ミストリア) is the "kingdom of the spirits that have long serves the Dragon since ancient times". It is one of the five battling nations in Pixiv Fantasia Sword Regalia.

This is a translation of the official details released by arohaJ.
Credit for the original translation goes to 春奈(Haruna)


A land blessed by nature, numerous spirits and ancient gods live in this nation. Outsiders set foot on the land of Regalia, one tribe has served as guardians of the Ancient Dragon.
Each nation was given a sword to prove kingship, 5 travelers each took one, starting the flow of history.
The peoples who reside here are a proud people, many of whom enjoy peace and harmony with other races. The Queen Mysteria who watched over the land for ages, was recently killed by the Ancient Dragon. Her son Gie succeeded her.

The Ancient Dragon, Regalia's God of Creation, has gone mad and Queen Mysteria's most trusted followers have all headed to the center of Regalia to put a stop to the Ancient Dragon's madness. However the monsters the Ancient Dragon killed the Queen and her troops. After losing his mother and older brother, Gie, the new king of Mysteria, seeks to put an end to his sorrow by restoring peace to Regalia.


King Gie of Mysteria

A member of a Fae race that once served the Ancient Dragon, he's Mysteria's second king. After losing his mother and older brother to the insane Ancient Dragon, he became king. He is continuing his mother's wishes of bringing peace to Regalia.
He holds the Mist Dragonblade, proving his worth as King.


A Knight serving Mysteria and a member of Regalia's Fae Race. She is a member of the Laurel Tribe that serves the royal family for generations. She's a member of the Royal Guard since Gie's youth and is a big sister figure to him.


A tree spirit that's served the royal family for generations. He retains vast knowledge of Regalia and the Ancient Dragon, retaining this wisdom for the court of Mysteria.


The Captain of the Mysterian Knights and Eiris' father. His a very spirited member of the proud Fae Race, and has a rare cheerful disposition. Other members of his race find him odd. His swordsmanship is top notch and he serves as Gie's trainer.

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