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Norgald(ノールガルド) is "the kingdom of warriors who assemble under the Icy Blue Sword". It is one of the five battling countries in Pixiv Fantasia Sword Regalia.

This is a translation of the official details released by arohaJ.
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The Nation where Warriors Rally Around the Ice Blue Sword.
In ancient times, One of 5 travelers, the Blue Giant Eric was granted a sword and land from an ancient dragon; a nation of the north full frigid plains and frozen tundra. Reknowned for their prowess as warriors, the Giants and Beastlings' swore allegiance to whomever held the "Ice Dragonsword" proving their kingship. The Beastling known as "Arnold" united the land under this blade. All warriors of Norgald pledged their loyalty to him, even former internal enemies.

After a long battle, Norgald enjoyed a period of peace, however King Arnold was conflicted over war or peace. When told of the awakening of ancient dragon God of Regalia, Arnold's answer was to throw himself into the forays of the Relagia Unification War.


King Arnold

The king to whom all courageous warriors of Norgald rally. After a long war. Arnold earned the right to carry the frozen sword from the Giant king who kept it previously when he reunited Norgald. He bears the "Ice Dragonsword" gifted to Norgald by the ancient dragon .


The daughter of the Giant King whom Arnold has raised since a young child. She has the heart of a true warrior and has pledged her loyalty to Arnold, despite that he is her father's revenge. Her father was a Giant, and her mother was a member of Regalia's Fae Races.

Wolden the Ashen

Norgald's Wolf General of the East. He fought along side the Giant King in the past and is very close to Marguerite.

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