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pixiv Fantasia W&K

pixiv Fantasia W&K is a user project run by arohaJ and, instead of being the sixth after the fifth, it will serve as a gaiden for the series.
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Event period : October 15 to October 31, 2011, 23:59 JST

Tags to use during submission : pixivファンタジアW&K + 剣の陣営 OR 術の陣営, depending on which side you use. You may even use both if you like.


For this pixiv Fantasia W&K project, you are either to choose to be on the side of Wizard, or Knight. You may even choose both sides as well, hence you are not limited to only one side, and the choice is totally at your own discretion.

The result of the war between both sides will be determined by the view count accumulated from both sides. Hence if all the submitted works favoring the Knight side has more view counts than the Wizard side, then the Knight side will be victorious, and vice versa. However, if you choose to be neutral and sided with both, the view counts will be added on both sides instead.

The points will be accumulated on either Saturday, Sunday or Monday and the middle results will be announced on Tuesday. View count battle will be conducted 3 times (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday) consecutively, and either side who won 2 days out of 3 will be the week's winner. However there is also a special rule for the loser side to turn the tables around.

After the end date, the final results will be announced.


Wizard side

A magician military group that has the knowledge of using magic of various world. Various sages that are summoned from the Black Gate are now gathered under "The One Who Governs Knowledge".

Knight side

A group of mentally trained knights that does not fear death. These knights are summoned and gathered under "The One Who Governs Strength".


The Palm of Gray

The gray castle that exists in between the two gates that summon the warriors, warriors that are summoned by both doors are to fight against each other. With the dominance gained by conquering the castle, the warrior may set foot a new journey in this world.

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