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pixiv Fantasia FK

pixiv Fantasia FK(Fallen Kings)is a fantasy themed project organised by arohaJ.
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※※Some translations, such as name of the place or person, are phonetic equivalent words, and might not be accurate. ※※

Official Name: pixiv Fantasia Fallen Kings

aka: PFFK

Opening Period: 25/02/2014 ~ //2014

Project Organiser:aroha J


Brief History

Around 50 years agoBrizhen and Hyrond appeared on map of Corzenvar continent
For a long time, both countries faught with each other
Newly, Amudamina joined the same world, and stopped the war. Treaty of peace between 3 countries was made
RecentlyAll 3 countries has decided to explore the new land individually.

The World of PFFK

GorvaleUnited Nation of RebelesKingdom of Embaland

Please see the individual articles for more information. Those three countries were originally in separate worlds.

World Map of Erlandier

Official Events

Still to come...

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