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An animator (アニメーター) is a person who is in charge of drawing in animation production.


Animators (アニメーター, animētā) are those who are in charge of drawing in animation production.
The main categories are the original picture person, who is in charge of original drawings, the animation person, who is in charge of animation, and the animation supervisor, who supervises the quality of the original drawings.
The coloring (finishing) section, which colors the cels, the art section, which draws the backgrounds, and the filming section, which combines the animation and backgrounds and performs CG processing, have their own specialized sections separate from the animators (drawing) section.

The largest number of animators focus on one job, but some go on to study and become directors or even higher. Animation directors do not necessarily come from an animator background; there are also many who come from a production assistant or cinematographer background.

A small number of animators take on work as cartoonists and illustrators in addition to their day jobs. And there are many active animators and aspiring animators on pixiv.

Cartoonists and illustrators need to sell well to make a living, but animators have the advantage of being able to find work even if their individual selling ability is low, as long as they have "ability" and are fast.

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