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American stealth bomber
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The Northrop B-2 Spirit is a American built stealth bomber. It was the first Flying wing to be used in combat when in 1999, it was used for the first time in Operation Allied Force in Yugoslavia by the USAF. 20 B-2As were built with one lost in a crash at Anderson AFB on Guam in 2008.

B-2 Block Variants編集

  • B-2A Block Test - Test Version, several converted to Block 20 and 30.
  • B-2A Block 10 - Original Variant, limited to unguided bombs
  • B-2A Block 20 - Capable of carrying GPS and cluster bombs
  • B-2A Block 30 - Final variant, Added ability to carrying more unguided bombs

In fiction編集

Several B-2s appeared the 1996 film Independence Day, being used in a failed nuclear attack on a City Destroyer over Houston.

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