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Falling Devil

Falling Devil (落下の悪魔) is a character from the second part of the Chainsaw Man.

I'll be your chef tonight. Falling Devil... is my name.
I'm visiting at the request of the residents of hell.
A word of warning...those who don't finish their food will taste death.


Falling Devil (落下の悪魔, Rakka no Akuma) is a traveling cook and food delivery devil from hell. She is believed to be acting for the purpose of cooking human souls and sending them to hell. Her name was revealed in the 123rd chapter of Chainsaw Man.


When she appears in chapter 122, she is nude and has a form similar to that of a human woman with large breasts. She has a pair of arms similar to those of a human (but with a different number of joints) at the position of a human's shoulders, and from her back grows several more arms and something resembling the forelimbs of a bird with its wings back. The featherless wings, which cannot fly, can only fall off. There is no part corresponding to the head, and something like a fin grows out of the abdomen. The ankles to the tips of the feet resemble human hands.

In chapter 123, she is dressed like a cook, wearing a cock coat, apron, long gloves, and a cook's hat. She is ashamed of her nakedness. She speaks in a humble tone of voice by holding up a head that was torn off from a corpse at the position of a human head. She also has a ponytail.

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