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Fumikane Shimada

Fumikane Shimada (島田 フミカネ) is a Japanese illustrator that is a major player in the mecha-girl genre.


Fumikane Shimada (島田 フミカネ, Shimada Fumikane) is a Japanese illustrator and character designer born on January 26, 1974 in Okayama Prefecture.

He first gained attention with mecha musume genre, a series of anthropomorphic weapons with cyborg-like designs that fuse mecha and girls, and has been a sparkplug for this genre in recent years.

He is also a friend of Takayuki Yanase and Kanetake Ebikawa, with whom he sometimes assists in the coloring and finishing work of his illustrations.

His self-portrait and trademark is an octopus-shaped alien.

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