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Gyro Zeppeli

Gyro Zeppeli is one of the main characters of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure part 7 Steel Ball Run (SBR).

I just want recognition. Recognition is my priority!
or else, I cannot keep moving forward!
no matter where to! Even the path to the future could not be found!


Gyro Zeppeli is one of the main characters of Manga JoJo's Bizarre Adventure part 7 Steel Ball Run.

Born as the eldest son of the Zeppeli family, a family of executioners in The Kingdom of Neapolis, Gyro is 24 years old.

He joined the Steal Ball Run race in order to get the king’s amnesty to save the innocent boy whose execution was decided in the name of state treason.

During the race, he teamed up with Johnny Joestar. He taught Johnny spinning technique, which demonstrated his good personality of taking care of people. He was also brave enough to take the shortcut through forests and get across lakes to further shorten the course. Moreover, his sensitivity was shown by flexibly changing tactics in the battle against terrorists. On the other hand, he kept a teddy bear with him, and created gags and songs to show them to Johnny even during the Steel Ball Run. (Representatives: 420, Song of Cheese、Seven Days a Week)
He habitually grins with a weird "Nyo-ho-ho" sound.

Eccentric though he seems, he care-freely possesses a medical technique and performs operations (the Zeppeli family take the profession of doctor as a cover from generation to generation and Gyro himself has been trained as a doctor).

Moreover, he has strong ethics. He is willing to injure or even kill those who attack him with clear murderous intent, but he himself avoids attacking others with murderous intent.

Gyro Zeppeli is the name by which others call him. He has a real name given by his father, which even his younger brothers do not know. Only his father and later Johnny know it.

It is the name of a person in the ancient Rome, change the way of reading the name, it will be the same as the character with the name.


Steel Ball


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Stand: Scan

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Technique: Ball Breaker


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Voice Actor

Kenji Hamada (VOMIC version)
Shinichiro Miki (All-Star Battle)

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