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Johnny Joestar

Johnny Joestar is a character in part 7 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

I will not win if I am not starving
I must be far more noble and starved than Dio!


Johnny is one of the main characters in part 7, Steel Ball Run. He is called by the name of Johnny or Joe Kid, yet basically unified in the former.
Since 5 years old Johnny was regarded as genius jockey for his talent and he became arrogant gradually as he became famous because of his elder brother’s death and the words of his father. Two years ago, Johnny’s girlfriend whom he is dating with at the time asked him to go to watch movie together one day. Hearing the whisper that it’s alright if it is Johnny who ignores the line, Johnny jumped the queue in front of a little man when he was about to enter the cinema. Surely he was blamed for that and then nobbled the cinema man with money to drive the little man out and force him to keep silent. As a result, the angry man shot Johnny on the waist, which left him lower half of body incapacitated. The genius came down in the world and began living a life betrayed by fate.
Johnny lived with regret about that incident. At the start point of Steel Ball Run Race, he met Gyro Zeppeli, a mysterious man, and participated in the race, hoping to find out the secret of the rotating steel ball, which enables him to move his feet. He takes actions in cooperation with Gyro in the race.
Johnny’s horse is called Slow Dancer. It is senior than other horses of the participants and has more knowledge and experience in that field.

At the beginning of the race, Johnny encountered Devil’s Palm and passed through it.
The mummified bodies attached to his left arm and he gained Stand power at that time.
Moreover, because the Stand made his immovable feet movable again, Johnny decided to collect the bodies in order to take himself, the one who once fell down below, back to normal. He knows that the aim of the terrorists who attack him is the bodies while he has no idea whom the bodies belong to and why the terrorists want to capture them.

This is a story about Johnny’s start of walking (the story of rebirth) as mentioned in the early and final stages of the play.

In part 8 JoJolion it tells about the future of more than 100 years after the original story, although he is a former character (without a doubt), Johnny’s name appears at an unexpected point, and his later story becomes clear.



At first, Johnny called himself Ore and the way he talked was a little rude but soon he corrected by calling himself Boku and his tone also became polite.
Compared to JoJo of the ages, Johnny’s mental immaturity, weakness and selfishness is conspicuous at the beginning of the story. The reason for his paralysis and his unreliable side are often talked about as jokes among the readers. Moreover, in his mind it is not his fault for being paralysed, thinking that I would not go to the cinema if she didn’t plead me.
On the other hand, his desire for purpose is terrible and sometimes he will do anything to accomplish it. Ringo describes his will as Black Will that for the determined mind and beauty.
Johnny grows up through the race, through the battle against the pursuers who aim at the bodies and through the relationship with Gyro. Man praises that his growth is outstanding along with Jolyne Kujo, the main character of part 6.
However, Johnny even hasn’t change the behavior to buy the opponent over by money in the end stage, the same as two years ago. Although he has grown up, he still looks down on bottom people and takes an arrogant attitude. Should we consider it as an expression of his will for purpose?

Johnny also has a trivial conversation with Gyro during the break of the race. He highly praises Gyro as if taking notes when Gyro makes jokes or releases songs. He even asked, do you want to form a band? but showed little emotion.

It’s nice, Gyro! I like it! It might be a hit!

… … … …The way he speaks to Josuke in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All Star Batttle is emotionless, while there is a possibility that he’s not speaking from his heart.

Among the JoJos of the ages Johnny cries the most in this work. It is not the matter that his fellow dies. It is also typical that he often cries out of desperation, disappointment or fear (This tendency lasts till the final of the story).

Johnny is dressed in a costume reminiscent of the American flag. Basically, there is no rule for the color, but mostly the illustrators choose to draw in cold colors, such as blue and light blue. After fighting against the Sandman in the 5th Stage of the race, his hood becomes to be decorated with bird feathers like his Stand. And the decoration of the hat is a harness called Horseshoe. It is said that it can bring good luck as an amulet in the West.

Because Johnny was quite popular when he was a jockey, his appearance would not be bad even if the popularity descends.

Stand: Tusk【Tooth】

A Stand that can rotate nails and cut through objects like cutters or shoot out things like bullets.
For more details, please read the relevant article.

Connection with the previous story before the first round

Johnny is a nickname and his real name is Jonathan Joestar.
From this point, he can be regarded as a corresponding character of Jonathan Jonathan Joestar in the world after the first round.
However, Johnny has feud with his father and feels indebted to his brother and a mouse named Danny, and he did not meet someone corresponding to Erina Pendleton in his childhood (But met one after part 7 and got together with her), which are not so similar to the Jonathan in part 1 . Also the voice actor is different from the one of Jonathan in part 1.

Just as Jonathan Joestar and Dio Brando were connected by fate, Johnny is also closely connected with Diego Brando.

There is a scene when Diego saw Jonathan in the game Eyes of Heaven, and he said, ‘So this is JoJo… Johnny Joestar in this world.’

Voice actor

Daichu Mizushima (VOMIC version)
Hiroki Kaji (All Star Battle)

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