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Jolyne Kujo

Jolyne Kujo is the heroine of sixth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Stone Ocean

Jolyne Kujo is the heroine of sixth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Stone Ocean

『A prisoner was looking at the wall』… 『Another prisoner was looking at the star from between the bars』
which one do I belong to?
Of course I watch the stars… Until I unite with my father…I just want to see the light of the stars


As the heroine of Part 6「Stone ocean」, she is the first heroine in the series.
Aged 19, She is the daughter of Jotaro Kujo, an America born Japanese.

She was put into prison for wrong condemnation, on purpose of searching for the DISC containing her father・Jotaro's Memory and stand, which was taken away by trickery, and the criminal who took it, she gave up the chance to break out.
Although her look matched her age, she inherited toughness and strong spiritual power from her father, helping her constantly defeating difficulties and enemies that coming towards her. Her favorite phrase was「Well well…」.

The relationship between Jotaro and Jolyne was not very good. Because of Jotaro’s connection with DIO and the stand users, he was afraid that those evil hands would reach to his wife and Jolyne, and had to estrange himself from his family. Even if Jolyne suffered sickness that wandered across the border of life and death when she was a child, he could not visit her although he really wanted to.
Later, as her mother and Jotaro divorced, Jolyne began to hate Jotaro strongly. At the time of reunion, She unilaterally rejected Jotaro. (It seems to be this way especially in the games. However, in the story mode of Eyes of Heaven (hereinafter referred to as EoH), which will be mentioned later and follows the setting of the original work’s latter part, based on the third part of the original manga, Jolyne only showed her bewilderment as she met her father, Jotaro, for the first time, and then basically interacted with him as if they’d already made it up with each other).
However, when she realized the ability of stand, she finally got to understand her father's circumstances. Gradually she repaired her relationship with father and eventually called him “Dad”. (It is especially obvious in the story mode of EoH).
Lastly, she entrusted everything to Emporio, and moved on to Made in Heaven by herself….



Although it is hard to say that her conduct is good, she attracted friends with her outgoing personality and calm judgement.
Jolyne is so attractive that a suitor showed up.
Also, because of her spirit that does not yield to any adversity, her name is sure to be mentioned by the fans in the discussion of 「who is the mentally strongest in JoJo history.

…However, as mentally as she is, Jolyne still regretted being seen masturbating by the guard as she was aroused by the full moon in prison.(But thanks to it, she got the courage to even face the naked physical examination calmly.).


Her black hair is tied roundly and braided in the back.
When searching for her illustrations on pixiv, her bangs are drawn in various colors. It’s not that her hair gets to be re-dyed in different illustrations, but the illustrators try to draw in accordance with Hirohiko Araki’s style, which is to change the colors according to the atmosphere (It is mainly in green, gold, pink and light blue. In the digital full-color version issued later, it is painted in green in all scenes except the flyleaf.)
Her outfit is bare midriff of which the clothing pattern looks like spider threads, matching with skirt or trousers combined with boots. And from the 96th episode on, she began to wear a navel ring.

Stand Stone・free


It is a stand that dismantles oneself into yarn.
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Jolyne Kujo in「Jolyne,Fly with GUCCI


Published in the magazine「SPUR」as a Spin-off work. In this spin-off work, Jolyne was a 17-year-old High School girl, who wasn’t showing any stand ability (or didn’t have any stand ability at all?). Other than the appearance, the whole setting is very different from the original sixth part. In the same work, Bruno Bucciarati and Leone Abbacchio, who appeared in 5th part, were also involved.

Voice Actress

Miyuki Sawashiro (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Eyes of Heaven / Ultra Jumpadvertisement)

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