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DIO is a character from the manga JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. A.k.a. "Evil Charisma", "Evil Incarnation", "Evil Savior", and "Evil Emperor". He is a beautiful villain.

Life is thought to overcome fear. It is those who don’t have a tiny “fear” that will be at the top of the world.


This is Last Boss in the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series.
From the 1st part to the 6th part of the story, it spans over 100 years, and has a big influence on the whole story. DIO, regarded as Evil Charisma, has been a destined enemy of the Joestar’s family.

In the Part 3 Stardust Crusaders, DIO serves as the last boss, and he is the representative of the series along with the hero Jotaro Kujo. He is so handsome that he acts as the ‘face’ of Jojo's original manga for many years.

In the first part, he appeared in his boyhood full name of "Dio Brando"
As another protagonist, he also serves as the last boss.
In the first part, he is often called by "Dio" or by the full name "Dio Brando".

From the third part onwards, he has been called as “ DIO ”.
The following is a summary of his names.

ディオ written in Part 1. Jonathan Joestar once called him by “DIO” at the end of Part 1, but basically ディオ, appearing in Part 3 and after, is denoted as DIO. Although he does not appear in Part 2, it was written as “ディオ” when only the name appears.
DIO Written in Part 3 as he first appeared. From Part 4 to Part 6 only the name DIO appe
The moment when Dio became DIO is divided into individual interpretations like “From the time when he was defeated in Part 1 and resurrected from the bottom of the sea at the beginning of Part 3”, “From the time he took Jonathan's body (below the neck) and fused”, “From the time he woke up to the stand ability”, etc.
Dio Nickname for Diego Brando, the character appears from Part 7. Since the story is once completed in Part 6, from Part 7, it is a story of a whole new world, and Dio or DIO is another person. It is said to be the DIO of the same person in another world. His ability of stand in the early stages is original, but at the end his ability is...
Please refer to separate articles of Dio Brando in Part 1 and Diego Brando in Part 7.

A genius who can seize human’s heart, and a clever but selfish person.
Hungry spirit with a clear mind and strong uplift, and like reading books.

In Part 1, after the body was destroyed by the Hamons, Dio, who turned into a Vampire by an ancient Aztec mysterious tool "Stone Mask", hijacked the body of Jonathan and slept in a coffin in a sinking ship.

Part 3 is about 100 years later, turning from a position that created rivals and a large amount of zombies in Part 1, Dio has become an emperor, who has the ability of Stand and a huge fortune, with followers and subordinates.
The coffin is raised from the sea by a cruiser searching for treasure and revived. DIO leaped about four years on the ground until his relationship with Joe Star emerged, during which time he gained his ability of Stand, "World (The World)", through the "arrow" brought by Enya the Hag. He also met Father Pucci at this time, and seems to have begun research on going to ‘Heaven’.

In Part 1, he clearly demonstrated the charisma that was shown when soliciting Jack Ripper. He has an aura enough to cause fear and eagerness to life to the person he meets, and to infiltrate the gaps in the human mind, manipulate it skillfully, and instill loyalty enough to give him their own lives.
He attracts people with his charm of the devil, manipulates competent but untrusted Stand Users through embedding "Flesh Buds" in them, and gets increasing subordinates around the world including bounty hunters and information providers.

DIO is not only a skillful speaker, but also has the appeal of appearance, high intelligence, flesh as a vampire, and tremendous obsession, and by using them to their fullest, he hunted down Joestar Egypt Tour Group.

DIO can't expose to the sun, and there are stands that can beat DIO. When it comes to battle royalties and the strongest debates, DIO is not an absolute leader.
But if you think about a three-part DIO in total, you'll be killed and killed by a subordinate stand user long before you reach DIO. DIO and The World (the secret of the ability, and its real identity is Time Stop) are waiting for you to overcome them. He is very confident in his stand and his ability, but he is not very proud of him and some stands, such as survivor, are more or less vigilant and have the following caution. Even if it is not the top, it can be said that the comprehensive power is very strong.

DIO values courtesy a lot because he was abused by his bastard father in his childhood and he hated his father who ordered him to "sell mother's keepsake dress to pay for the drinks", he decided to kill him.
Although her mother was a noble woman, her fanaticism and self-righteousness in "heaven" are regarded by Dio as "objectively stupid" and "she would not have been able to go to heaven", which shows his complex feelings for her.
If tracing back, DIO’s birth was unfortunate, but when he came to be adopted by the Joestar family, he already had the determination and ambition that he will be '' the richest man '' and '' become a man who never loses to anyone”. He has no remorse to sacrifice others. Speedwagon also saw it through that ‘DIO is not a villain affected by the environment but born a villain’. In part 3, DIO stayed the same. He refused to accept Jotaro’s declaration of a dignified fight and carried out his evil philosophy until the end.
Many people are enthusiastic about DIO and have various effects after his death.

About the battle, in the first part he was conscious of his shortcomings, such as being angry and losing calm as soon as he suffered an attack. There is no description about him getting furious in Part 3. He is more careful (= cautious) than the first part. He would keep distance from the opponent, check their heart beat or cut their heads off to make sure they are dead.

The Vaporative Freezing Technique and the Space Ripper Stingy Eyes used in Part 1 were not used in Part 3.
It may have been forgotten, but DIO says that he wants to fight with the true ability of the stand, and the vaporization refrigeration method is a technique developed to prevent Hamons, and freezing himself in stand battles can cause the stand to shatter.
Since the empty fissure is a body fluid, it not shoots in rapid succession in the manga, in the first part he missed the first time, and the second time Jonathan was fatally injured. Since it only goes on a straight line, it is proved that aiming is missed with a slight deviation and the hit rate is low. In the second part, Streetzo was also torn. It is used in the CD drama of three parts.
In the game JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Eyes of Heaven, you might have forgotten them as you screamed ''there was such a skill ...'' (by the way, the reason was explained in the novel OVER HEAVEN, so if you are interested, read it.)

There are some doubts as to why DIO used Road Roller as a weapon, but it is an effective means of aiming for pressure death from above while keeping a distance from Jotaro, and further hitting the rush to kill immediately. This technique is well reproduced in games and animations.
In the OVA, it was not road roller but Tank lorry that was hit. It is changed because there is no big explosion on the road roller and there is a desire to create a DIO from the sea of fire created by the oil explosion.

It is also famous that DIO's line "Time starts moving" has been changed to be "and then time starts moving" in the three-parts fighting game "Heritage for the Future".

There are many characteristic lines and Dio is an impactful spirit character, so there were many core fans from the first part. But from the third part, because of overwhelming charisma, distinctive appearance and attack method, and in fact there are behaviors that seem to be surprisingly mischievous, it has been very popular among readers (mainly male, but the young and the old, regardless of generation) from the time of appearing serially in Jump even though as a villain.
From the time of the serialization, there were many original fans called him by the nickname of "DIO-sama", which is the name in the manga.
Also, the ability to stop time in battle was so shocking that it was well known with the stand "The World" and is now synonymous with the ability to stop time.

In Part 3

In the 3rd part, DIO is known for his existence by being imaged by Jonathan's descendants, Joseph. Several assassins are sent, trying to dismiss the Joe Star Pedigree which is an obstacle for DIO. If the assassins lose, they will intercept themselves in Egypt.
DIO kills Kakyoin with the time stop ability, and Joseph is also knocked his knife into his throat to make it impossible to fight. So, it becomes a decisive battle with Jotaro who was there. Playing a battle of retreat, DIO was hunted down by a star platinum blow in his brain. However, he revived by taking blood from Joseph's body. The tension became the climax and the power increased as " YES! " became the highest. He stopped the time and tried to crush rival with Road Roller, but Jotaro also escaped because he awoke to the same ability and this time DIO himself could not move. At the end of the game, it was a head-to-head match, and blood was crushed to block Jotaro's view and he released kicked trying to stab. However, he was defeated by breaking his body with his feet as the starting point by the fist of Star Platinum.
According to Jotaro, "the reason why I am defeated is just one answer … DIO ... is the only simple answer. I made myself angry "
After that, DIO's body was exposed to the sun, disappeared as ash.

Relationships other than Part 3

In Part 2 , Streetzo suffers from Stone Mask as to admiring Dio's strength, beauty and immortality.
Joseph Joestar 's father is killed by a zombie survivor created by Dio in Part 1.

In the 4th part , Nijimura Brothers 's father who had freaked due to the death of DIO appeared in the appearance of transformed by "meat sprout".
When Higashikata Shosuke was a child, DIO became seriously affected by the awakening of his ability to stand.
Star Platinum of Jotaro appearing in Part 4 and Part 6 is called "Star Platinum The World".

In Part 5 DIO's son, Jorno Giobana, becomes the main character.
Giorno always carries DIO’s photos.
Since DIO's body is from Jonathan, he inherits the bloodline and golden spirit of Joestar, and Jonathan's body has become a DIO vampire as he fits in, so Jorno changes from black hair to blonde. Saying ''useless'' or ''WRY'', Jorno inherits the elements that make DIO and himself feel like parents and children.

In Part 6 , DIO's friend Enrico Pucci (Father Pucci) and his subordinates Johngari A appear.
In the past scenes, DIO before his birth also appeared. The view of "Fate" became deeper.
He informs Pucci of a notebook that describes how to go to Heaven, and gives him an important item "arrow" which can wake up his ability to stand, and a "bone of DIO". A green baby is born from the bone and plays an important role.
It was able to instantly cure a deformity that when Pucci was given birth, his toes were distorted, but the details were unknown. In the end of the first part, he told Jonathan that "it could heal the wounds," and it is likely to be the vampire's ability.

Three other sons of DIO’s, Ungaro, Riciel and Donnathro Versus appeared. They were gathered together as the time of heaven approaches, when DIO was going to the heaven, he made children in preparation. Different from Jorno, also DIO's son, they did not appear in Part 6, but in the book of normal version, it states that they may have been near Florida but just not encountering the protagonist.

In the manga, a note on how to go to the heaven is mentioned. To travel to heaven, DIO has traveled around the world with Made in Heaven and to find "The Trusted Friend", Enrico Pucci, the only person who has revealed the existence of heaven.
In addition, there is an opinion that "Is DIO just taking advantage of Pucci?". Since there are no psychological depictions on the DIO in the original work, so the interpretation varies depending on the readers.

In a magazine author interview, there is a comment saying "I do not think that DIO liked Father Pucci", which was in response to the question that there was homosexuality because of their good friendship, there are no clear author’s comments on friendship at this time.

The novel "OVER HEAVEN" is in his point of view and narrative, writing with the heaven note mentioned above. DIO's favorite type is said to be Enya Woman. If she heard, she would be too glad to be death. It also describes why he left the children that he was able to use them as a tool to guide himself to "heaven" according to the novel. (By the way, the criteria for choosing female is said to be "How bad you are"). She is the last boss in "JEORGE JOESTAR"(It is bombed out as a work with some plots not mattering so much, but it does not tell a lie).

In the story of secret birth in JoJonium Volume 3, there is an introduction that although "the name was taken from the DIO of bike" was heard, the name of DIO was early than the release of bike, and compare the sound of the sound with JoJo in Italian, "dio" derived from which means "God". Besides that, it also introduced the modeled real person (the real American criminal who did not have a real name but he was so fascinated as to want to be killed).
In the 17th volume, there is also a commentary on "If DIO survived."

According to the author's reservation privilege interview for the game "Phantom Blood", Dio aims for the top "God" so the name is dio, which means "god" in Italian. Besides, he also likes heavy metal so "DIO"(American band formed by Ronnie James Dio) comes out.


In official profile he was introduced as a good look man. Appearance age is about 20 years old.

It is roughly divided into "Shadow DIO", "Normal DIO", "High DIO", and "DIO in part 6".
It is often drawn with blond hair in the original, but Jojo has red hair or a different color because the specific color is not determined.

Streizo or Pucci says "beautiful".
Avdur says, "The eyes are icy and sticking out in the center of heart," "Golden hair," "White ladder that feels clear," "A mysterious sensation that I can't think of a man".

Dio Brando's head is connected to Jonathan Joestar's torso, so there is a scar on his neck. The wounds fade away as the body adapts (from the scene telling Vanilla). On the left shoulder is the star of the Joestar family.

Shadow DIO

Appearance from the beginning of the third part to near the end. The face is hidden by the shadow and cannot be seen. The clothes change each time he appears, and in the room, pants are mainly in the inner body with the upper body naked or the back wide opened.

Normal DIO

The appearance from the first appearance to the high.
His hair is wavy and he wears a heart circlet. According to the X-ray photograph, only the decoration is metal and the rest is made of cloth. The cloth was double when he first appeared, but then it became to be single. He wears a collar only at the first appearance.
He wears ring-shaped earrings. X-rays shows they are not completed circles.
Wearing a yellow jacket, black inner (looking at the high DIO, you can see that the back is open), and there are heart decorations at the kneepad and the belt. Wearing yellow pants, and the inner is visible.
It is unknown what the structure of the inner is. It seems to be either "split up and down around the belt" or "up and down are connected like a swimsuit for female". The shoes are upwardly curved. It has metal bracelets and anklets on the wrists and ankles, which look like a part of clothing, but from a high DIO perspective, they seem to be different from clothing. Some people commented, "Is it difficult to put a perfect bracelet on the arm from the top of the clothes?" However, there is another theory that "there is a hinge that can be opened 180 degrees."

High DIO

DIO, who appeared at the end of the third part, sucking Joseph's blood, became the highest "high!".
The original has no star-shaped bruises on the shoulder. With the media, there is a star near the shoulder.
Taking off jacket but bracelets are still worn. The circlet is gone, and the hair is upside down, and the lips are more colored. By the way, the scene where the lips are colored is when the original shadow DIO met Avdul, and the scene of normal DIO.
The colors of the eyes and lips in the animated version are very similar to the color of Jorno’s, the son of the cover of the original volume 55.

DIO in part 6

Appearing in Pucci's reminiscence. The toes of the shoes are wrapped around and wearing clothes like Shadow DIO.

About the eye color

In the original, the eyes are often amber (Golden).
The color of the pupil during media conversion is often red (red eyes). There is also blue (blue eyes).

1st movie version = blue eyes in human age, red eyes after vampire
3rd part OVA = red eye
1st and 3rd part TV anime = golden eyes during the human age (sometimes looks like red eyes), red eyes after vampires
1st game "Phantom Blood" = golden eye
Three-part game "Legacy for the future" = red eye
Game "ASB" = Part 1 is red eye, and Part 3 is golden eye
Game "EoH" = Part 1 is red eye, normal DIO and heaven DIO in Part 3 are gold eyes, and high DIO is red eyes

Therefore, most of time is blond red eyes or blond gold eyes.

About nails

In the original version, the nails are often unpainted and short until the sixth part, but when a newly drawn illustration is drawn by the author from the end of the appearance of the main part, the nails are often long and colored.

Differences in design between original and media in three parts

Sometimes the design is slightly different from the original.
The three-part fighting game is the same because it uses the original drawing, but the Shadow DIO has pale yellow hair, his upper body is naked and his pants is green.
In OVA he has a yellow heart and normal pants with waist.
In TV anime, his nails are black, and pants are more open around the waist, and the inner is visible.
The three moles in the left ear that Wangchen talked about in first part are not in the third part of the original, but in TV animation.


In the childhood of human age, it is "I", and in the youth of Part 1 it becomes "I/this Dio" or "I". In Part 3, it is "I/this Dio" or "I".
In the youth of Part 1, he likes to use the sentense" ~ daze ". Shadow DIO is a quiet way of talking, and normal DIO is an arrogant way of talking, such as "~ da / ~ dazo". In the human age, DIO in sixth part has a friendly ending with "~ sa / ~ da".

Stand: "World (The World)"


For details, please refer to The World.
DIO keeps his stand ability secret and only a few people know, such as Enya Woman and Pucci.

Once in the early part of Part 3, the use of the telephoto abilities on a thorn-shaped stand was depicted. This is described in the stand dictionary of the official art book "JOJO A-GO! GO!" as "a stand that appeared in Jonathan's body". In the latter half of the story, it was no longer used, probably because the body was "adapted".
Because there is a scene of reminiscence by a thorn stand, "DIO was going to use all the stand abilities by default". That is rumored without any basis.
There is also a theory that the line at the time of Gray Fly's death, "DIO is the one who extremely knows stand well!" is distorted at one's own discretion. The author himself commented on "JOJOVELLER" that "I designed The World initially as a boss to contrast with Star Platinum."

In the novel "OVER HEAVEN", it is clearly stated that the thorn stand was "Hermit Purple", a stand that expressed Jonathan's body.

In Part 6, in the past scene Pucci said that the stand had no concept of ''strong'' or ''weak'' because the stand had individuality and was well placed. But in the final battle of Part 3, DIO said his own stand "is the strongest stand among the "world" (in battle)".
In Part 6, it explains that the king has a king's stand, and the king's stand seems to be the strongest expression.

Voice actor

Part 1

Hikaru Midorikawa (Movie / Adolescent of first game)
Kenji Nojima (Childhood of first game)
Takehito Koyasu (TV anime, All Star Battle, Eyes of Heaven

Part 3

Kaneto Shiozawa (SFC game CM)
Norio Wakamoto (CD drama)
Ichinobu Chiba (three fighting games)
Nobuo Tanaka (OVA)
Takehito Koyasu (TV anime, All Star Battle, Eyes of Heaven, Jump Force

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