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Jonathan Joestar

Jonathan Joestar is the protagonist in the first JoJo of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series.

My heart is shaking! The heat's enough to burn! !
Ohhhh…Keep the beat of the blood!


The main character of part 1Phantom Blood. The first generation of JoJo (April 4th,1868〜February 7th,1889).
The only son of the head of the British aristocrat the Joestar family, George Joestar. archaeologist.
A justicial gentleman, deciding to beat Dio Brando, who aimed to take over the Joestar family but was caught in dilemma and turned to a vampire .
A century of battles between the Joestar family and DIO began from here…



Jonathan has the personality as an orthodox protagonist. He is so kind and always considerate. Even when Danny is killed or when DIO is filling up poison, his tender heart makes him not criticize the opponent without basis. He will restrain his power, considering the family members of the crooks who attack him. He will even cry if someone snatches his youth, kills his dog or his father.
On the other hand, Jonathan turns to be able to take a firm attitude against those who harm his friends or himself. Jonathan becomes burly and powerful especially since his adolescence. What’s more, since boyhood Jonathan’s amazing explosive power to go on adventures is constantly hided till the adolescence period, which makes his old enemy DIO scared most.
At the age of 12, Jonathan is not good at learning manners in studying and being gentle. He is always on the losing side whenever competing with DIO, the adopted son of his father Jorge Joestar. And also, he was isolated because that DIO’s plan has despoiled all his friends. Compared with the poorly brought up DIO, Jonathan’s weakness that is caused by a satisfying growing environment is notable.
While since the beginning Jonathan is highly equipped with sense of justice and braveness, which lies in the strict education from Jorge Joestar, who wants Jonathan to be a true gentleman. When his girlfriend Erina Pendleton was kissed forcibly, Jonathan was annoyed for Erina’s reputation suffered harm. They had a fight and Jonathan kept beating DIO up as his declaration until DIO cries.
Due to this incident, DIO got to know that Jonathan is a man with respectful power.
In addition, Jonathan also does things like smoking pipes, even though people always have a dandy impression on him.

When Jonathan got to be 19 years old, he had grown visibly both mentally and physically. Johnathan was not only very active in the university rugby club because of his tough body and legs that ‘strong as logs’, but also had published papers on archaeology. He is gifted with outstanding body and brain.
Although Jonathan didn’t know the existence of Hamon when DIO killed his father and turned to a vampire, he still won the fight, benefiting from his excellent courage and wittedness. Afterwards Zeppeli was also charmed by Jonathan’s outstanding body and mind and regarded him as a brave man who beat DIO and broke Stone Mask.

At the last moment even the old enemy DIO got to admire Jonathan for his courage and noble thoughts.
Loving justice, Jonathan always remembers to be kind and fair, to carry on the pride and duty of the Joestar’s and to be a true gentleman even when facing enemies.
Jonathan inherits the roots of the Joestar’s, Golden Spirit , an emotional strength in enduring pain and having no scare of getting wounded by overstretching the body.


Jonathan has black hair (Yet in the animation his hair is bluish-black and it changes according to occasions.) and usually is described with green or light blue eyes. He has a strong constitution due to rugby training.
With giant arms and legs, muscular body, and a thick neck, among all of the protagonists through the ages, Johnathan is the strongest one that cannot be held by three men. This figure is compared as a heavy locomotive. Even before acquiring Hamon, despite having a bone fracture in arm, Jonathan was powerful enough to surprisingly grab vampire DIO so tight that he couldn’t escape. After learning Hamon, especially after inheriting the Life Hamon from Will A. Zeppeli, Jonathan can climb up rocks only by one finger. He also gains the power to tear off steel in bear hands that even Tarkus cannot do that easily. With regard to speed, Jonathan shows his dreadful barrage in the battle against Bruford.
Among all the Stand-using JoJos through the ages who compete in the games, it is acquainted that Jonathan has unimaginable power and toughness. Even if there is no Stand, he is still quite skillful. His body almost approaches the power of Stand already, therefore it is questioned that whether Star Platinum is Jonathan’s soul or not at the beginning of Part 3. In fact, as soon as the Stand is touched, the power will be gained to fight against Star Platinum, the World, and Crazy Diamond. (As mentioned before, even Jonathan was in serious illness before he learned Hamon, he still had more power than DIO. Therefore, if things went well, he might be more powerful than all of these three.)
There’s a scene in which Jonathan tore off the steel collar in bear hands. Considering it would take a few minutes to destroy steel jail bars even by using Stone Free with A-rank destructive power, he’s probably more powerful than Stand with A-rank destructive power.
With courage and kindness hidden in a well-trained body, Jonathan can be regarded as a model hero.


In the final chapter of part 1, it is to see that Jonathan, being fatally wounded, corners DIO and Jonathan’s under neck body is taken over ( Part 3). Although it is only flesh, his offspring like Jotaro and Joseph become his enemy ironically.
Therefore, man says that sons of DIO Giorno Giovanna, the main characters of part 5 Part 5 and part 6Part 6, are also sons of Jonathan.

Abilities・Hamon Overdrive


Hamon, the only way to beat vampires. Learning from teacher Will A Zeppeli.
Generally, it takes people several years to learn Hamon, while Jonathan acquired it in a short time, considering his ability and the cruel fate he’s facing.
Sunlight Yellow Overdrive is representational.

  • Hamon Detector
Technique to track enemies by making Hamons in liquids like wine. The liquid responds automatically when the opponent approaches. Used in the fight with Jack the Ripper.

  • Zoom Punch
Technique that dislocates and stretches the joints to punch. Longer than usual punches. The pain is softened by Hamons.

  • Sunlight Yellow Overdrive
The most famous technique. Developed from Oraora Rush. Often used.
Hamon-infused punches. The most powerful Hamon overdrive.

  • Overdrive Barrage
Hamon-infused punches. Used in the fight against Bruford. It has not been clearly distinguished with Sunlight Yellow Overdrive.

  • Underwater Turquoise Blue Overdrive
Hamon overdrive under water. To transfer Hamons in water. Used in the fight with Bruford.

  • Metal Silver Overdrive
Technique that makes Hamons on weapons like sword. Used in the fight with Bruford.

  • Scarlet Overdrive
Hamon overdrive by creating heat. Used in the fight with Bruford. In the comic it was used to dissolve hair.

  • Life Magnetism Overdrive
Technique used to consolidate tree leaves by creating life magnet by Hamons.
In the fight with Tarkus it is used to make a glider to escape. Counter effect also appears since the Hamons are flowing.

  • Last Hamons
Attack that releases all the Hamons left from body. Though it cannot destroy the zombies totally, it can control their bodies to some extent.
Used in the final episode and might be used as special move in PS2 game.

Stand Hermit Purple(Temporary)

Stand in thorn shape that DIO uses to do spirit photography in part 3. It belongs to the same kind as Hermit Purple of Joseph Joestar.
For a long time, there is no detail about it, only being clarified as Stand that finds the body of Jonathan in JOJO A GOGO. Name unknown.
Certainly, the concept of Stand has not appeared in part 1, in which Jonathan is the main character.
The name of Stand Hermit Purple is used in the light novel created by Isin Nisio, JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE OVER HEAVEN .
In Outaro Maijo’s novel, Jorge Joestar, a new name is given to it as The Passion and new abilities are also attached. The story follows that the two Stands, The Passion and The World, are awoke in both bodies of Jonathan and DIO, rather than only Jonathan’s Stand.



What are you doing! was the right word when the comic was being serialized in the original magazine but in the separate volume it was misprinted as What are you do!.
By the way, the misprint was finally corrected in the paperback edition fifteen years after the first volume was released.
After that, it was also corrected in the 66 edition of the separate volume.


In general, it is said that the name comes from the family restaurant Jonathan, where the author and editor had preparatory meetings. It is a falsehood to make the name easier to remember. The meetings actually took place in Denny’s.
Initiatively it was the author who boasted about it. Adults still tell lies, don’t they?

Voice Actors

Jurota Kosugi(Part3OVA)
Hideyuki Tanaka(PS2JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE Phantom Blood・Youth)
Kazuya Nakai(PS2JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE Phantom Blood・Boyhood)
Katsuyuki Konishi(Part 1 movie version)
Kazuyuki Okitsu(2012 TV Anime、All Star BattleEyes of Heaven)

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