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Giorno Giovanna

Giorno Giovanna is the protagonist of part 5 in the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series.

I - Giorno Giovanna have a dream!
Determination is!!Paving the way!! In the darkness!!


Name(Age)Giorno Giovanna(15 years old)
StandNameGold Experience
Date of birth April 16, 1985
Blood typeAB
Favorite musicJeff Beck
Favorite storiesLes Misérables
Favorite foodChocolatepuddingoctopussalad
Food that he dislikesChicken, particularly Duck meat
Hero a strange gangster who he met in childhood
CharacterWhat Giorno wants the most is hope. He is determined to struggle to go anywhere if there is hope. In his childhood, Giorno hardly received mother’s love and was abused by his stepfather. Just before he got to be disheartened, he met the strange gangster. In his mind, Gangster’s benevolence is justice and becomes the hope for him. (From Volume 63 of Jump Comics)


The main character of part 5 Gold Wind.
He was born in the family of a Japanese woman and Dio, who is the old enemy of the Joestar’s, the main characters of ages.
(Since Dio Brando also the body of Jonathan Joestar is British, shall Giorno be described as Japanese- British half?)
Born on April 16, 1985, he is 15 years old and 172cm tall. Blood type is AB.
His mother married an Italian man and Giorno has Italian nationality, so he calls himself Giorno Giovanna for the convenience of living in Italy, while his real name is Haruno Shiobana.

His father is Dio Brando, who occupies the body of Jonathan Joestar. For this reason it is said that Giorno also inherits the blood of the Joestar’s, for what he is proud.
Since the spoiled city is saved by gangster, Giorno decided to be a gangster and to rescue the city. Combining the charisma from Dio and the golden spirit from the Joestar’s, Giorno has overcome many hardships with his extraordinary strong determination.

Actually he has never been called JoJo in the original manga and lives as a distinctive one who doesn’t know the existence of the Joestar family.

Giorno is the youngest hero so far.


Giorno is always so calm and intelligent that it is likely that the blood of the hot-blooded Jonathan flowing in his body will be forgot. In addition, there are some common points with his father to see, such as shouting ‘Useless! Useless!’ during the rush hours or howling ‘WRYYYYYY’ when it heats up.
He is usually expressionless and many friends say that they don’t know what he is thinking.
But Giorno inherits the unique sense of justice and strong determination from the Joestar family firmly and has a brainy side that thinks quickly.

Giorno has the ability and energy to realize his goal and aim and he can think about things from an objective whole viewpoint. The dimensions of his determination and ability is full of awesomeness, which is admired and respected by the allies.
He is also cool-headed to deal with the opponent without hesitation as long as the opponent is considered as an obstacle. In the early stages, Bucciarati came to attack Giorno. Giorno decided to kill him even though he knew that Bucciarati was a terrible real gangster.

After Jonathan and his friends defeated Dio in part 1, they destroyed the stone mask in hope of ending the battle, while Giorno declared, Don’t detroy it! when he obtained the arrow in the final stage of part 5 and decided to use it in the future, showing that he combines the personalities both of the Joestar’s and Dio.
On the other hand, the name of Giorno="Giorno" means the sun, which is the weak point of vampire Dio in Italian. At the climax of the battle against Giaaccio, he burst the ‘Useless!’ rush against the rising sun. And nothing matters as long as he himself is good, which is exactly similar to his father for having no logic and being extremely selfish. And he executed Cioccolata with the longest intense rush in the history of JoJo angrily, where people can get a glimpse of his contrast and denial against his father.


When he was two years old, Giorno was abandoned by his mother and was abused by his step father since the age of four. (This caused a timid personality that he was always sensitive to other people’s words or behaviors.) And he lived under bullying from bad boys. That situation continued till he got six years old and he started to think Am I just some kind of dreg in the world? But one day he encountered a gangster who helped him by chance, which changed his later life unconsciously as if he obtained a shield on the back. As Giorno grew up, he went to a boarding junior school and began to live in the dormitory.

In the anime version, Giorno’s mother (CV: Mariko Higashiuchi), step father (CV: Hinata Tadokoro)and benefactor gangster(notated as X Man in the credit, CV: Hiroshi Shirokuma and other people involved are barely described, instead of which some scenes, such as his step father saying Haruno, let’s take a photo hypocritically to Giorno when they first met at the wedding, are added.

The benefactor gangster received Giorno’s gratitude as Giorno said ‘I will never forget what you have done for me’. At the same time, he spent time with the gangster and learned to trust others indirectly. (Gelato, who was well treated at that time, also treated a strange boy well in the prologue of episode1 because of this story)
And the scene is added that the gangster killed the man who injected drug to little girl and aimed the gun at the son of the man, showing firm determination and resolution, which is highly admired by Giorno.

Features of appearance



Giorno’s hair is blond now and was black in the past (at least in his memory till he grows up). It seems to be inherited from his father rather than dyed. The hair has grown long and knitted on the back.
The most eye-catching thing is ‘rings’ in the fringe (which seems to be curled in the fringe) and he is called Cornet] because of this characteristic. This hairstyle exists in the real world. Unlike Josuke, the reason why he has such hairstyle was not mentioned.



Giorno is a student before entering Passione and often wears the uniform with the collar wide open to the chest like a heart shape.
There is an accessory of ladybug on his chest and navel, which is the symbol mark of part 5. (Giorno himself says, it is an amulet to bring good luck.)


Gold Experience


【Destructive power - C / Speed - A / Range - E(2m) / Sustained power- D / Precision operability- C / Growth property - A】
This is a stand with great power and short range, and ladybug as its motif.
It has the ability to put vitality into the objects that it touches and produce animals, plants or other organisms from that.
Please read the relative articles for details.

Gold Experience Requiem


【 Destructive power - 0 / Speed - 0 / Range- 0 / Sustained power - 0/ Precision operability - 0 / Growth property - 0】
Gold experience evolves by being penetrated by the arrow and becomes【Requiem】, which is way powerful than normal stand.
In addition to the ability of giving vitality to living things before evolution, it has the ability to return the opponent’s power of attacking intention and action to zero.
Please read the relative articles for details.


The main character who fights the least

In fact, the number of battles that Giorno has been involved is the least among the main characters till part 6.
In his case, he often makes good use of his brain and wits to support his friends. As a result, the he participates in battles as an advisor of the guard team much more than joins battles directly.
And although it sounds a bit memetaa, the part 5 itself is produced especially as a group drama, which means even Giorno, as the main character, wouldn’t show up in every scene, let alone all the battles.

In the side story novel Shameless Purple Haze, Giorno reigns the gangster’s organization Passione as the boss.
With the charisma inherited from his father, Giorno made the Passione develop into a huge organization more powerful than before which focusing primarily on restoring security and sweeping the negative legacy from the era of Diabolo( like drugs, the stone mask, etc.).
Giorno does not like the sound of ‘boss’ because it reminds him of Diabolo, so he let people around call him JoJo.

Favorite foods

He likes pudding, chocolate, octopus salad, which is typical for fifteen-year-old boys.
In particular, maybe it is because pudding presents such an interesting contrast to his calm and intelligent personality that they are often drawn together in the illustrations.

Giorno dislikes chicken and the reason for that is, ‘the chicken reminds me of the days in Japan when grilled chicken is served as dinner’, and ‘the flavorless taste is like a sponge sucked in mechanical oil’, according to Shameless Purple Haze. But in the manga, he still eats chicken while complaining, so it seems that he does not hate it so much that he cannot eat it at all.

Half-sibling and relatives

Three more sons of Dio, the brothers born of different mothers for Giorno, UngaroRikielDonatello Versas appear in part 6.
Each one of them had an unhappy childhood and didn’t meet the turning point as Giorno. They all showed a dark and twisted personality at first and stood in the way of Jolyne Kujo, the hero in part 6, to support Father Pucci’s ambition inherited from Dio.

The three brothers gathered in front of the priest by the priest’s gravitational force inherited from Dio, hearing him talking about ‘Is Giorno coming to America?’’ ever since the serialization of part 6.
And according to the comments of separate volume it is suggested that they may come from the same place of Florida as Giorno. However, because that isn’t mentioned in the original manga, it is not clear whether they really come from there or not and what do they do if it is true.
Giorno and the three brothers have not met before and they do not know the existence of each other.

What’s more, because the body of DIO is actually Jonathan’s body, Giorno can also be considered as the son of Jonathan and Giorno is the younger brother born of different mother of George Joestar II’s, which is not particularly mentioned in the original manga. Therefore, he is George’s son,Joseph Joestar’s the sixty-six years younger uncle, (the old Joseph was surprised when he sensed that in Eyes of Heaven).

Voice Actors

Romi ParkGolden Wind
Daisuke NamikawaAll-star battleEyes of Heaven
Kensho Ono(amine version)、Natsumi Fujiwara(childhood in amine version)

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