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Bruno Bucciarati

Bruno Bucciarati is a character appearing in Part 5 “Golden Wind” of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
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Name (age) Bruno Bucciarati (20 years old)
Stand name Sticky Fingers
Date of birth 1980 September 27
Blood type A
Favorite Music Miles Davis "Agartha", "Bitches Brew"
Favorite movie Il Postino, The Postman
Favorite Food Karasumi-flavored Spaghetti, Porcino Mushrooms / Grilled Scallops
Dislikes Legumes, Apples
Personality The basis of his personality is the "kindness" inherited from his father. His father's eternal family love formed the basis of his personality. Even after entering the gangster world, people yearn for and relies on Bucciarati's character. But when speaking of fate, that "kindness" became his weakness. (From Jump Comics Volume 63)


A character in Part 5 “Golden Wind”. He is so active in the story that he deserves to be called another protagonist.

He is a member of the gang “Passione”. He started as a leader of a low-rank team responsible for dividing territories, and later promoted to the executive level. At the same time, he was assigned the role of guard team.

Due to his past experience described below, he held a strong hatred of drugs.

As an aside, his birthday is September 27, the same as Joseph Joestar, the protagonist of Part 2 Battle Tendency. By the way, Joseph was born in 1920 and Bucciarati was born in 1980.

At that time, the actor who played as young Joseph in the anime version is magnet combination.


He is calm, clear-minded and cares for his subordinates. He has the power to confront any difficulties.

He is widely agreed to be kind and have a strong sense of responsibility. He is also very popular, the general public will greet him casually, and consult with him about their problems.

However, unlike the righteous people showing in Part 5, he also has a ruthless gang side. If it is for his work, he will do the torture work calmly even with an ordinary underage boy like Giorno, and depending on the situation, he won’t hesitate murdering.

In the epilogue “Sleeping Slaves”, he was asked by a florist man to play a role that seems to be a tribute to the great don Vito Corleone at the beginning of the classic gangster movie ‘God Father”.

His bob cut is braided at the top of his head, and there are things like hairpins on his bangs.

He wears a white suit that gives the impression of a gangster, with many zippers with trademarks and a pattern like tadpoles.

The chest part is open and from there a lace-like pattern can be seen. It is unknown whether that is a part of his underwear of a tattoo. Basically, he is painted with black hair, white clothes and golden zippers.


That taste! …It is the taste of lying! …

It is said by himself that he is “good at telling lies”, and he has said to Giorno that “It can be distinguished by the degree of glare caused by sweat on the face. And if I lick the sweat, it will be more apparent”. However, he didn’t say that again ever since, so that might be a bluff in interrogation.

However, in the battle immediately after, when he saw the expression on Giorno’s face, who had realized that despite his young age, Bucciarati was a gangster, and thus determined to commit a murder seriously, he was shocked, and said “that is the skin and swear when someone is not telling a lie”. So, aside from the taste, it seems to be true that he can read the subtleties of his opponents by observing the sweat.


He was born as the son of a fisherman in a village located on the outskirts of Neapolis. He helped his father work by repairing the fishing net and spreading the net. He likes to chat with his mother, and was looking forward to be read a book before going to bed.

When he was 7 and his parents were divorcing, he was forced to choose between “a father who stays in the village and a mother who will move to the city. He chose to live with his father, I will…live with father. I will stay here with father

He made this choice because he thought his mother can live on her own, but his father might be ruined because of the harm of the divorce if he were not there. His mother was proud of Bucciarati’s gentleness, but at the same time, she worried that this gentleness will bring him misfortune in the future.

Then one day when he turned 12, his father carried two men who wanted to go fishing to the small isle.

However, their true intention was to trade drugs, and Bucciarati’s father, who witnessed the trading scene, was shot and severely injured, then went unconscious. (But he survived, because he was found by a Coast Guard ship and given first aid.)

Bucciarati, who read that the group of two men would come to kill his father in order to seal his mouth, killed them when they were attacking, and became a murderer at the age of 12.

Although the court decided that that was self-defense and he was not charged, if he stayed that way, he would not be able to avoid retaliation from the two’s fellows.

So, Bucciarati swore allegiance and service to “Passione”, the organization that governed the town in order to protect his father and himself. A few years later, he was liked by an executive, Polpo, and appointed to a responsible post.

5 years later, his father died with after-effect.

Bucciarati began to act as a gangster who protected the townspeople from drugs, but he came to know that their boss had a hand in the drug which ruined the lives of his father and himself, he started to question the way their organization worked.

When he came to know the existence of drugs, he shouted angrily, Isn’t such things forbidden in Neapolis (town)!?

Trail in the main story

He was in a contradiction of hating drugs while working for an organization that trades them. While holding the ambition at heart, he submitted to the reality and “lives like dying” every day.

At that very moment, Giorno Giovanna, who spoke of a shining dream, showed up.

At first, they fought fiercely for the questioning (later became interrogation) of Leaky-Eye Luca, and he was driven to the point of defeat. But Giorno, who had finished observing Bucciarati’s nature, proposed a ceasefire, and the later accepted it. He then bet on Giorno’s Golden Dream, one that proposes “defeat the boss and take over the organization in order to eradicate drugs from the town”.

Then, in order to fulfill their own ambitions, they commit themselves to battles that might take away their lives.

Boss gave him a mission to protect his daughter Trish, and fought a fierce battle with the assassination team aiming for her.

However, when he knew that the reason for his boss to have her protected and taken under himself is not to let her live a peaceful life in a battle-free world, but to eliminate his daughter who would become a threat to himself using their hands

"What is the evil that makes you nauseous!

It is to use an ignorant person who knows nothing!! Use her only for your own benefit ...

A father does that to his [[[daughter> Trish Una]] who is ignorant!! For your own convenience only!

Unforgivable! You have now again! Betrayed my heart! ''

Bucciarati was determined to turn hostile to boss and attempted to assassinate him, but that was perceived and on the contrary, the boss penetrated Bucciarati’s belly from behind using the power of his stand “King Crimson”, creating a big wound from left shoulder to the heart with a powerful hand blade. Although Bucciarati had such a severe injury that would be judged as fatal by anyone, he used his mental power, which even astonished the boss to continue fighting, risking his life to save the kidnapped Trish Una and got away.

By the time Giorno Giovanna found him falling out of strength, the light went out of his eyes and his heart and lungs stopped, flies were flying around, and the zipper that held Trish’s severed arm together was about to disappear.

But as Giorno fixed his injured body with the ability of Gold Experience and healed his wounds, Bucciarati’s soul was warned to escape from the church, and the body, which had stopped functioning for sure, got up suddenly and shouted “Hurry up” .

He explained the details to all team members and started an action called [A traitor who turned away from the devil], took those who advanced on their own will together and continued as [Trish’s guard].

I walk out with the determination to be covered with wounds, to change the world where drugs are spreading…

Anime version

The anime version added a depiction that many members of the team were gathered by his scout. Despite various circumstances, Bucciarati reached out his hands to those who have fallen.

And in this case, somehow, he always goes to the same restaurant (the name is Libeccio.

  • The restaurant he went to when deciding to join the organization
  • The restaurant where Fugo used knowledge as his weapon to justify his bilk, and Bucciarati scouted him
  • The restaurant where Fugo brought a boy, and Bucciarati said to him I’ll treat you with spaghetti
  • The restaurant where the released Mista was taken and brought to the team
  • The restaurant where he brought Giorno and introduced him to team members
  • The restaurant where the owner of a flower shop whose daughter committed suicide came to request

That all happen in the same restaurant. It seems that he quite likes it.

Furthermore, his father’s name was also revealed, as [PAOLO BUCCIARATI] (Paolo Bucciarati was engraved on the tombstone.

In addition, the figure of Bucciarati standing in the grave at his father’s funeral was also drawn, the mourning dress was a black suit with white pattern (the same pattern on his normal suit).

Stand “Sticky Fingers


A stand that attaches zippers to things it touches. For details, please refer to the corresponding entry.

Voice actor

Takahiro Sakurai (Golden Whirlwind): Later, he plays Rohan Kishibe in the 4th TV anime version.

Noriaki Sugiyama (All-Star Battle, Eyes of Heaven, Ultra Jump CM)

Yuichi Nakamura (anime): In ASB & EOH, he played Narciso Anasui.

Shizuka Ishigami (player as the young Bruno in anime version)

Side story

In the goo ranking the strongest and coolest “Big Brother Character” went from November 05, 2016 to November 19, 2016, besides The three big brothers in Jojo, he managed to rank in third place in total (by the way, big brother Proscuitto ranked 8th, big brother Ermes ranked 20th, and big brother Keicho ranked 21st).

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