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Joseph Joestar

The main character of part 2 Battle Tendency in the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series. Joseph is the grandson of Jonathan, the main character of part 1. He also appears in part 3 and part 4 and plays an important role through the JoJo series.

Let’s cut it! The beat of Hamon!

What kind of person is Joseph?

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The stands of the Joestar’s are rich in minerals.

such as star platinum, stone free. crazy diamond etc.

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Except Joseph

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Every man in the Joestar family only falls in love with one woman in a lifetime, right?

Such a saint

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Except Joseph

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All Joestars die young.

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Except Joseph

……In a word, he is an unusual character in the JoJo series.

Overview of Joseph’s true character

Joseph Joestar is a character in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series.

Date of birth 27, September 1920
Birthplace LondonBritain
Blood type B Type
Experience Senior high school student →real estate investor
Family membersfatherGeorge Joestar II(dead) motherElizabeth Joestar, grandfather:Jonathan Joestar(dead)、grandmother:Erina Joestar,great-grandfatherGeorge Joestar
Criminal record Punished by imprisonment for seven times because of quarrel
Expulsion from school once
Hobby manga collection
the type of girls that he likes noisy girls (it doesn’t matter if the girl is not smart, as long as she is lovely)
Favorite foodfried chicken chewing gum
Favorite color marine blue
Favorite animaldogs
Animals that he dislikescows(As he said it is because it drools)
Dream for the future pilot
Favorite actorJean Gabin
Joseph was born on 1920. 27, September(By the way, he was born on the same day as Bucciarati, who appears in part 5)。
Joseph is often used for tag registration inpixiv.
The main character of Battle Tendency, part 2 in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.
He also appears in part 3 and part 4.
His appearances are greatly different in every part and it will be explained partly.

Joseph in part 2(nickname Young Joseph)


I’ll literally break the attitude that you regard people as idiots!
The main character of part 2 Battle Tendency, 18 years old.
The grandson of Jonathan Joestar, the main character of part 1.

With the battle against Straizo, who went haywire and turned vampire as a start, he involves in the fight with the ancient human being, the ‘Pillar Men’.
Joseph is very good at mind battles. He can predict the action of the opponents and outperform the opponents while pretending to be cornered , as his typical lines You are going to say ●● next, etc..
Since he has such ability for predicting, later he set up a real estate company in New York and does well as an entrepreneur (But there is a setting that is not often used. In anime part 4 he becomes the real estate king of America and is very famous in the world. Koichi Hirose also knows his name).
The speed of his brain rotation is inheritted by his grandson, Jotaro Kujo, and Josuke Higashikata, the son of Joseph and his lover.
Joseph is the one who has the luck to escape from troubles among the heroes of the ages. He also appears in part 3 and part 4.
Joseph looks just like his grandfather Jonathan Joestar but has a facetious and easygoing personality, which is quite different with Jonathan. Caesar A. Zeppeli used to be much expecting to see him for his relation with Jonathan, but was very disappointed because of his flightiness.
However, only for he inherits the lordly blood of the Joestar’s, Joseph helped out a black boy Smokey Brown, who was going to be lynched at that era when black discrimination was more serious than nowadays. He also rescued Speedwagon and Caesar by pretending to escape. Behind the mischievous behavior, Joseph has the sense of justice, kindness to others and an indomitable fighting spirit that does not succumb to any adversity.
Do it when man should do it, that is Joseph.
Raised by his grandmother, Erina, Joseph loves his grandmother twice as others and moderate his impertinent attitude in front of her. When other people mess up his clothes that is bought by his grandmother, he gets upset and angry. Since that incident his personality is described as ‘Maybe he is quite afraid of lonesomeness’ in the profile.
Though the reason is unclear, Joseph can use Hamon freely without training from his childhood on, which is acknowledged by Straizo.However, comparing with other conventional Hamon users, there are also some disadvantage because of his lack of formal training, he had to cover it with his excellent brain in his early battles.
There is no detailed description of Joseph learning Kungfu, but it can be assumed from his excellent physical skills, which is also praised by Stroheim.
Later Joseph met Lisa Lisa in Italy and succeeded in improving the Hamon power by her training and became able to use Hamon independently. At first, he said that he hated hardworking, but he was moved by the achievement once he started the training. From that time on, he became addicted to the training and worked hard.
Joseph is the one who adds the element of escaping to the traditional tactics of the Joestar’s.
But in fact, Joseph just pretends to escape when he is sure about the chance of winning. He never escapes for being scared to lose his life.
His left arm was cut off in the decisive battle against Kars and uses an artificial arm after all was over.
Later he married Suzi Q and set up the real estate company, reigning it as the king of real estate. His daughter Holy was born then.

Voice actor

Hochu Otsuka (part 3 game )
Tomokazu Sugita (TV anime, All-star battle, J-stars,Eyes of Heaven

Joseph in part 3


This is how Joseph Joestar fights… It gets better and better with age
Joseph in part 3 Stardust Crusaders. Sixty-seven years old.
Because Dio, who was killed by Joseph’s grandfather Jonathan Joestar, revived, and Joseph’s daughter Holy became seriously ill under the influence of that, Joseph and his grandson Jotaro went on the trip to kill Dio.
In contrast with his age, he looks quite young, and, perhaps because of the Hamon technique or his own training, his body is muscular.
He is old in age, but his spirit is still young. He laughed out loud at Polnareff who was forced to lick the toilet, and plays tricks while saying ‘no trickery’. As an old man, he’s a bit too flighty for his age .
Furthermore, he has an affair with a forty-year-younger girl at that time and had a son.
High performance old man.

In the final stage of part 3 his blood was sucked too much and Joseph was dead temporarily, however, Jotaro killed Dio and gave him a blood transfusion and he came back to life by the massage of heart by star platinum.
・・・・Yet, after his rebirth, he declared that ‘I’m revived thanks to you!!’with with the same eyes and atmosphere as Dio, which seemed to be the worst situation that ‘Dio possessed Joseph this time’,
while it was just Joseph’s practical joke, after which Jotaro asked him several extremely maniac questions, Joseph answered them correctly and proved that he is the real one.
It was a situation that prank could be a good thing.

Voice actor

Toro Okawa (part 3 battle game)
Chikao Otsuka (OVA)
Kenji Utsumi (CD drama Volume 1・Volume 3)
Goro Naya (CD drama Volume 2)
Tomokazu Sugita(the last episode of TV anime part 2, All-Star Battle)
Unsho Ishizuka (TV anime part 3, Eyes of Heavens)
By the way, Tomokazu Sugita played the part 3 Joseph in the final episode of part 2 and he said that I learned from the performance of Mr. Ishizuka. And maybe because of this, Ishizuka played the role of Joseph in the anime version of part 3 (In addition, Ishizuka also performed as the Curse of Devo in ASB).

Joseph in part 4(a.k.a. Old Joseph)


I just wanted to show off in front of you

The Joseph in part 4 Diamond is unbreakable. Seventy- nine years old.
Joseph could be younger if he kept doing Hamon, while he quit using Hamon as he claimed, his appearance changed as he grew old.
It is unclear why joseph stopped using Hamon. There is an explanation among the fans that he wanted to grow old and die together with his wife Suzi Q, who couldn’t use Hamon.
Since the middle stage Joseph went to Morioh, Japan to meet his illegitimate son Josuke. Josuke called him Mr. Joestar as if they were just strangers at first. But, as their communication got deeper and they became close, Josuke began to call him ‘old man’. Though ‘the baby issue’ caused them some trouble, it kind of helped to ensure the father-and-son bond between them. Thinking that it is better to avoid troubles, Joseph didn’t go to meet Tomoko, but he left Morioh wishing Tomoko happy.
In addition, Joseph can still use stand.
Joseph is calm and cool as a man of his age should be…or we could say that he seems to be a bit dull, however, when the baby with the stand ability to make itself and the surroundings invisible fell into a pond, Joseph used his own blood to color the water in order to find the baby. He is still the man who rises to the occasion.
With the stand ability triggered by the up and downs of feelings, the baby could only controlled by Joseph, who it felt close to. For that sake, Joseph had to in Morioh to take care of the invisible baby till the parents were found.
Joseph lives quite a long life comparing with other men in the Joestar family. While raising the baby his Alzheimer is also gratually cured.

And it caused a little trouble when Joseph brought the baby back home, for Suzi Q felt like Joseph still have illegitimate child!

According to Araki’s words, Joseph is still alive except for being a little forgetful in part 6. Part 6 is set in the year of 2011 and Joseph gets ninety-one years old, which is quite long-lived in general.
There is nothing we can do because that is Joseph.

Voice actor

Tomokazu Sugita(All-Star Battle)
Unsho Ishizuka(Eyes of Heaven, TV anime version part 4)


Mostly used as tools or weapons. Basic tactic is using threads.

  • Hamon Cola
Ability that shoots the lid of cola like a bullet by making Hamon on the lid.

  • Hamon Hair Attack
Ability that builds a wall by spilling Hamon on shed hair. In the manga Stroheim’s hair was used in the battle against Santana.

  • Clacker Volley
Ability that throws American clacker on enemies and spills Hamon on the wounds. In the manga Joseph attempted to use it in the first battle against Wamuu but didn’t succeed.

  • Clacker Boomerang
Derivative ability of Clacker Volley. Hit the clacker that is already indented in a pillar with another clacker, as it bounces back it would literally hit the enemy from behind just like a boomerang. In the manga Joseph attempted to use it in the first battle against Wamuu but didn’t succeed.

  • Zoom Punch
Same technique as his grandfather, Jonathan.
Punching by dislocating joints and striking opponents at a longer range. The pain can be softened by Hamon.

  • Rebuff Overdrive
Charging Hamon into elbows and delivering a powerful strike.

Stand Purple Hermit


Please read the related articles about Here.

External stage appearance

Joseph appears several times in crossover games of Shonen Jump.

Famicon Jump

Joseph appears as an allied character of Area 4 in ‘Famicon Jump The legends of Heroes’.
However, he is well-known as the weakest character in the decisive battle. He has no affinity with anyone and his attacks would fail randomly.

Why everything is not in good condition!

In the sequel Famicon Jump Ⅱ the Strongest Seven Heroes, Joseph becomes a sub character because his grandson is a playable character.
But although it should be the continuation of the previous work (the manga is still ongoing), he’s the only one who looks especially old, and there are some scenes that Joseph calls his grandson JoJo, while he is called JoJo in the previous work, these details are often criticized by the readers.

J-Stars Victory Versus

Josephs appears as a playable character in J-Stars Victory Versus.

Different from Jonathan who rushes to attack, Joseph is good at luring the adversaries in and changes or starts up his power as the player typing in additional commands, and then attacks them with his tricky special move or makes them fall into trap. This is a tactic that should be used according to the situation of the battle.

The power of the technique would be raised by additional commands, but the occasion to use it is important. If the player forcibly chases the opponent for too long, the stamina (STA) would be used up and the character would be cornered. So, it is more effective to take the chance and give the opponent a strong attack first, and then distance yourself a little bit, which is called the hit& away tactic. How come he just escaped!

Like Jonathan, instead of being unable to hold extra STA, Joseph’s STA could be restored extremely fast via Hamon Breathing, and the character would recover in a moment.

‘It’s a trick of cheating!’ can restrain the opponent for a long, but he himself also cannot move during that. That is why Joseph is a character that suitable of supporting his partners in random battles, and is good at wide-ranging attack, which is opposite to Jonathan, who is not good at random battles.

Different from Jonathan, Joseph negotiates a lot when he is fighting in the battles, which is similar to Gintoki Sakata, who share the same voice actor, therefore, these two characters are often put together to fight against or cooperate with each other in derivate works.


The Falling of the aircraft


There is a jinx that accidents will happen if Joseph takes an airplane .
In fact, there’s been four times in total that the aircrafts fell down, which are the hijack incident in his childhood, the Kars battle, the Tower of Gray battle and Death 13 (first two times are on purpose). After the Tower of Gray battle, when Joseph was entrusted to operate a passenger plane, he told Jotaro about the accident before. And Jotaro said that I would never take a plane with you again>keep me away from airplanes]].
……Actually all members of the Joestar’s seem to be not getting along with vehicles .
The beginning of part 1, the start of all stories, was kicked off with the carriage falling off, and then it came to the steamboat, helicopter, bike, train, boat, even the submarine and space shuttle, every vehicle wrecks as long as the Joestars are involved.
Occasionally there are passengers who has nothing to do with them get involved, it is intolerable to their co-passengers.


There is always a scene of Joseph listening to music with a Walkman at the end of every part that he appears. In part 2 and part 3, he was listening to ‘Get Back’ sung by the Beatles(by the way, this song is where nickname of the heroes ‘Jojo’ comes from). In the part 2 of the anime version, the ED song, ‘Bloody Stream’, is being played together with the Walkman scene and the texts are shown on the telop.

The worldline after turning around

In part 8, the story is about the relationship of the Higashikata family, the Joestar’s and the Kirafamily,
and here is a character in this worldline appears as the grandson of Johnny Joestar(a similar existence as Jonathan Joestar in this world) called ‘Joseph Joestar’ (By the way, his father is George Joestar III, his mother is Lisa Lisa, and his daughter is Kira Holy Joestar).
This Joseph Joestar here should be a different person from the Joseph who appears in part 2~part 4, because part 8 is set in a different worldline of part 1~part 6.
……however, perhaps, if only by any chance・・・this is Joseph after all ・・・※.
Moreover, in the worldline after part 7, among all the Jojo heroes, as a character of the same position as in another worldline, only Joseph appears with his real name instead of using other names.


Except Jonathan who died before finding out the stand, only Joseph owns a stand that is not in human shape throughout the story among the heroes of the ages who inherit the blood of the Joestar’s and have human-shaped stands. (It doesn’t change to a human-shaped stand like Tusk by growing mentally. But just like his great-grandson Jolyne’s stand Stand changes from string shape to human shape, it is also possible to for thorny vine to change into human shape.)
Moreover, among the members of the Joestar team in part 3, Joseph is the only human character whose stand is not biped. Even Iggy, as a dog, is quadruped…
By the way, though everyone owns one or two of the special abilities, Hamon and=stand, in the JoJo series, only Joseph has been seen using both of them (he tried to combine both of them in part 3).(Perhaps Dio in part 3, who occupies the body of Jonathan, is able to use Hamon but does not use it out of scare for ruining his body, for he is different from Kars.)

Other Performance as minor role

Only Joseph and Jotaro are active in several parts among the heroes of the ages. Only Joseph kills the enemy alone as a minor role in part 3(battle VS Empress).


Among the three men (Joseph, Jotaro, Polnareff) who survived from the trip in part 3, only Joseph’s death is not described clearly in the sequel parts. (As mentioned above, according to the original author, he is still alive in part 6).


As mentioned in part 4, Joseph gained great wealth by investing in real estate and it was scheduled that when he passes away the Joestar family, Kujo family and Higashikata family will go through a succession procedure for his enormous inheritance. (When Josuke met Jotaro for the first time he said that ‘Please tell Mr. Joestar there’s no need to mind about us’, which sounded like an announcement to give up the right of inheritance).
Part 4 began with the story that Jotaro found out that Joseph had an illegitimate son when he was investigating on the inheritance.

Though Jotaro is younger than half of Joseph’s age at the time, he died without waiting for the inheritance, which is like the real estate story of Jeanne Calment and François Raffray.

Moreover, because the worldline has already made a full turn before Joseph’s death , story ended up that the inheritance itself was rewritten into a world that it didn’t exist at the beginning before the succession procedure is even finished. Joseph is incredible.

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