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Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro Kujo is the hero of the third part 「Stardust Crusaders」 of the manga「JoJo's Bizarre Adventure」.

「You bastard, are doomed to be knocked down by Jotaro Kujo myself」


Constellation Aquarius
Blood type B type
Resume High School Student → Oceanographer
FamilyFatherSadao Kujo(Japanese jazz musician) MotherHoly Kujo (American, Italian and British mix-blooded)
favorite athleteChiyonofuji
favorite musicianToshi Kubota
favorite movie Never Cry Wolf
Favorite color Any color that feels fresh and pure.


He is the hero in Part 3 Stardust Crusaders. 17 years old. Third- grade high school student.
He is the grandchild of Joseph Joestar, the hero of Part 2] Battle Tendency.
His pet phrase is Well, well…. The offensive gesture that he points at the opponent with finger of his right hand is his classic pose.

His Stand is Star Platinum which is invincible throughout the series.
Oraora」, a continuously punching of Star Platinum is also famous.

One of the 「faces」 of the JoJo series , boasts unprecedented popularity among all the heroes.

Suddenly, he was obsessed with 「unidentified evil spirits」and indiscriminately destroyed his surroundings. So he entered the police detention center himself. His grandfather Joseph who came to Japan informed that it is 「Stand」 which appeared because of the influence from the resurrection of the Joestar family’s enemy DIO.
His story begins when he heads for Egypt to defeat DIO to save his mother Holy Kujo who has terminal disease due to the negative effects of the Stand.



Height is 195cm, and weight is 82kg. Because of the pedigree of Joestar family , he has a tall and strong body different from other ordinary high-school students. He wears a school cap and a metal lock attached to his long school uniform, two belts, and round earrings attached to both ears, as well as hair with bangs hanging down only one strand. The color of his eyes are painted to be「a little green」.

In particular, the hat is a symbol of him. From the third part to the later sixth part (17-41 years old), there are only three times that he removes the hat.
(In other words, it seems like『the hat and hair are united』)
The author Hirohiko Araki says「It's already integrated (with the hat). It's impossible to take it (the hat) off (because it's the character’s setting). So if it can't be taken off, I should just draw them together. It is good to be that way. I want you to recognize Jotaro even from the back of his head.」 (from TV program「Tameike Now」37th「Sekaiichi uketai!!「JoJo's Bizarre…」class」broadcast in August).


With clear mind, he is always silent and calm. But on the other hand, he also has a passionate side. He feels angry at scoundrels who use women or children and cannot forget the humiliation received from sneaky opponents such as Rubber sole and Steely Dan.
These two people once surrendered without shame and dignity, but later broke the promise and assaulted back. Because of it, they are crushed by Ora Ora Rush of Star Platinum.
At the beginning of this article, he said「You bastard, are doomed to be knocked down by me - Jotaro Kujo」which is a revenge to High Priestess for his deceit.

His daily behavior is「beating the opponent more than necessary in the fight」,「punishing the
bumptious and incompetent teachers」,「not paying the bill of unpalatable family restaurant and so on.
The bad behavior is ingrained so that he is attached with rogue’s label which he himself is also aware of. But on the other hand, he has a kindness to care for his friends and families. As we can see from the dialogues list below, he hates those who oppress or use the weak most, with strong
sense of justice.
You can understand from the lines in the war with Kakyoin. 「『Evil』 refers to a person who uses and tramples on the vulnerable people for the interest of himself.」「The victims and laws cannot see or understand your Stand, so I will punish you!」But sometimes, the opponent does not violate the law, on the contrary, it is he that breaks the law. The result of his behaviors from his firm belief of so-called never allowing「evil」, is the bad label mentioned above. From a bad family restaurant to the super villain DIO, the attitude remains the same no matter who is the opponent.

On the other hand, to villains with strong beliefs and abilities, such as N'Doul, he will keep at distance and show respect. Here, it is the same respect as Jonathan to Bruford as well as Joseph to Esidisi and Wamuu.
However, there is exception for sneaky means, such as fraud in gamble which is clearly only one tactic. He recognizes GamblerDaniel・J・D'Arby’s behavior. Later when he fights against his younger brother Telence T. D'Arby, he says that his words seem to be influenced by his brother.

He has excellent insight and is extremely fond of TV series Columbo. 「He can't sleep at night for worrying about the details.」
He is good at psychological operation and showing a poker face. Through fishing enemy, and forestalling Daniel J. D' Arby by bluffing, we can see that he is also a considerate tactician.
In Part 4, Akira Otoishi also regarded Jotaro's judgment as a more dangerous ability than his Stand.

In a short reminiscence before his first appearance, there is a depiction that he is as good as ancestor Jonathan until junior high school. However, since he was a child, he had been「serious-minded」and terribly good at quarrel from long time ago (details will be illustrated in the Digression below).

Although his appearance is not like a high-school student, he is set to be a handsome man. In the work, he is very popular to women from female students to CA, tourists to runaway girl (Ann), even to hostile Stand User. However, he himself dislike those obsessive women, saying「I hate annoying women」.
「Noisy! I get angry when women make noise!」
However, there are many depictions of his active protection for women in the work, so he just hate 「noise」, not women. His favorite type is the Yamato Nadeshiko kind of woman, which is the typical idealized Japanese woman.

His hobby is reading books of planes and ships. He also likes sumo wrestling. Even at detention centers he listens to sumo wrestling’s live on the radio. He is the fan of Chiyonofuji ]]. In the war of [[Wheel of Fortune]], he used「advance and retreat in the boundary of sumo’s playing field」as an example, happily talking about sumo wrestling with Kakyoin even though he was not out of the crisis.
His attitude toward his grandfather, Joseph, was arrogant from the beginning to the end, but he had a good affection to his close relatives. Calling「Grandpa」at first. Though he appreciated him for going out for him on purpose, he was trying to distance him to keep him away from dangerous eyes. After learning about Joseph's casual personality, he began to call him 「old fella」 and treated him poorly. However, in the final battle with DIO, he was furious at DIO's treatment on Joseph which was the decisive factor in the victory.

About the design of Star Platinum]], Araki says**just like the image of 「[[hero]] in [[myth]]」**. In the whole series, it is a character with**「strong」** image anyway all the time.

Activity after 3rd part

He appears in the forth part, fifth part as well as in sixth part, as an indispensable person of JoJo.
In the meantime, although he appears from 17 to 41 years old, his appearance has not changed much since adolescence.
However, his bang hanging down one strand disappears since third part as well as the depiction of smoking and drinking wine.

Forth part


28 years old. He is always in the white hat and clothes from the beginning to the end.
Jōsuke Higashikata is his blood-related uncle.
He is an oceanographer and ultimately earned his PhD by a dissertation about starfish.
He went down to Morioh to meet Josuke instead of the aged Joseph.
At this time, he was already married to an American woman and their daughter, Jolyne Kujo was born.

Fifth part

30 years old. He calls himself as 「watashi」. The costumes are the same as in the fourth part, while the design of the hat has changed slightly. He appears in the opening scene, being asked by Koichi Hirose to investigate DIO's son Giorno Giovanna. Also, at the end of this part, his actions after the end of 3rd part will be explained in an unexpected way .

Sixth part


41years old. He appears in purple hat and coat. Called doctor by the personnel of Speed Wagon Foundation. When he comes to rescue Jolyne from imprisonment, he is deprived of DISC of both his memory and the Stand. He falls into a state of fainting at the beginning of the story, after which, his body is protected by the Speed Wagon Foundation, and Jolyne struggles to regain her father's DISC.
He is already divorced from his wife and has been hated by Jolyne for giving priority to work over family. However, after knowing it is because he does not want his wife and Jolyne to be involved in the battle, Jolyne starts to call him「dad」 and they finally reach a reconciliation.

In the end, he revived and faced Pucci Father in the decisive battle at Cape Canaveral, but as he protected Jolyne from the knife of Made in Heaven imitating DIO, he was caught off guard and died with his head being torn up. The man who was called the strongest Stand user has a sad death. However, the golden spirit was not ended and inherited by Emporio with the spirit of Jolyne and others.

7th part and later

In the parallel world of the 7th part and later, Jotaro’s mother Holy 's marriage partner is not Sadao Kujo but Yoshiki Kira, so Holy's son is not Jotaro, but Yoshikage Kira.
Also, Josefumi Kujo who has the same surname of Jotaro, has deep relationship with the real identity of the hero of the 8th part Josuke Higashikata. He does not belong to Joestar family, but shares Jotaro’s thoughts that he wants to save Holy.

Stand『Star Platinum


The strongest Stand of JoJo's works, with precise movement and extraordinary power.
Refer to Star Platinum for details.

Famous lines

Small story・Digression

「Well, well, don’t look down upon a kid」


  • It is sometimes said that he took over Jōsuke Higashikata’s part in the 4th part, but in fact, he was quite restraining. His ability was mainly shown in brain battles, while directly involved in battles only four times and he never fought alone in any battle . It’s kinda precious for him to figure out his own role to pay, he deserves to be called the role model OB.
  • 『Turning five lighted cigarettes upside down and putting them in their mouths at the same time, then drinking juice without extinguishing the fire.』 He has such secret skills. According to what Polnareff recalls, he has once performed on the road from Hong Kong to Egypt. It makes you want to ask 「so what?」 But if those who actually smoke cigarettes try it, will find it's far more difficult and continue to shout 「Wooghia Aah!.
    • There must be some people wonder how he becomes an oceanographer with such a rogue appearance which he himself has clear estimation of. The contrast is a good anecdote. However, the words like 「It is today that I'm going to school seriously」 will confuse people, wondering “does he really like study?” In the TV anime version, while waiting for Polnareff to have a haircut in barber, he was reading a book about the sea (the letters 『Sea』 can be seen but the details are unknown). He may have been vaguely aspiring to the ocean since that time. Some fans believe that the trip in Part 3 triggers the journey across the world's oceans.
    He was also planned to show in the PS2 exclusive game「JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Golden wind」 based on the 5th part. But his parts have been cut off, as well as Koichi’s. However, the recorded sound which was unused is recorded on the soundtrack.
  • The broadcast of the TV anime series of Part 3 started in 2014, he actually also appeared a little in the last scene of the final episode of Part 2 broadcast on April 6, 2013. It is only a quick peek with no dialogue at all.
  • Model is America’s actor: Clint Eastwood (Author Talk).


Kyoyuki Yanada(CD drama・three fighting game)
[[[Jurota Kosugi]](OVA)
Tetsu Inada(Golden Whirlwind)
Daisuke Ono(TV anime version::2nd season(=Part3・Stardust Crusaders), 3rd season(=Part4・Diamond is Unbreakable), 4th season(=Part5・Golden wind)), (All-Star Battle,Eyes of Heaven, Jump Force)
Natsumi Takamori(TV anime version・childhood)
Yusuke Iseya(live-action movie)

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