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Noriaki Kakyoin

Noriaki Kakyoin is a character that appears in the third part of the manga JoJo's Bizarre Adventure,Stardust Crusaders

Now it's time for punishment, baby


Blood typetype A
Job experiencehigh school student
Favorite professional baseball teamGiant
Favorite actorMasakazu Tamura
Favorite colorshiny and twinkle Green


He appeared in the third part, Stardust Crusaders
When traveled to Egypt with his family, he met DIO and was planted with Flesh Buds.
Then, he returned to Japan and appeared as the first enemy, Stand User, in front of Jotaro Kujo.
However, he was defeated and regained his sanity by pulling out the Flesh Buds which was his yoke, and became a companion of Jotaro’s to take revenge to DIO.

After that, they traveled together for a long time, but in the middle of Egypt landing, he was forced to leave temporarily when his eyes were hit by Geb in the battle with N'Doul.

He returned just before the final decisive battle with DIO, but was later fatally injured with belly punched by The World in the direct confrontation with DIO. However, as he was dying, he found DIO’ s Stand ability was 「stopping time」. After using the ultimate strength to give the hint with Emerald Splash, he died in the feelings of missing his parents and『wanting to tell the last message』.

He devoted his life to overcoming the fear of being dominated by DIO rather than his family, finding out the ability of Stand and terminating the humiliation that DIO had given him.


He serves as the brain among the members since he is always calm, and thinks fast with strong analytical ability. In his brain, he has repeatedly observed the characteristics and weaknesses of the enemies to save the members from crisis and lead them to victory.
It was his strategy and capacity that helped them win especially in the fight with Gray Fly, J Geil, ZZ, Steely Dan and Mannish Boy.

Perhaps it is because he hasn't made friends until now. Though modest, he is the person who has strong desire to keep the team harmony than anyone else.
When he is forced to do something he doesn't want to do by Polnareff, he will be very mean. For example, when he is asked to pour a cup coffee, he shouts: 「do it by yourself!!」However, while complaining, he will pour the coffee for himself as well as for Polnareff. They performed as best combination in the battles with「show the underpants completely」 or J Geil. Perhaps it is because they recognized each as good friend so that they treat casually with one another.


He held the idea that「a person who cannot see Stand and I cannot understand each other from the bottom of hearts」. The reason why he was chosen by DIO is that before met Jotaro, he made no friend and felt, even in the family, there is no one can understand him which he himself also knew.
However, he was worried by people around him and his family since there is no discord among them. When he was fatally wounded in the fight against DIO, he missed his parents in Japan.

Because he was often alone, for killing time, he became quite good at TV games without mistakes caused by mental upsets. In the original manga, he showed his ability in a racing game called F-MEGA (he not only know knowledge of the game, but also can drive real car).
When eating favorite food cherry, he has a strange habit of saying rerorero and rolling it on his tongue. However, he actually did it only once, and the first person who did it was Rubber Soul who dressed up as Kakyoin with Stand ability.



Height is 178cm, and weight is 65kg.
His costume is normal School Uniform. The strange thing about it is that he is very tall. He wears cherry-shape red earrings. His hair is pink or brown (red hair), and the gakuran is often painted in green. When sleeping, he wears pajamas.
About his hair, it cannot be understood if explaining by neck length+hairstyle? How to say, it is a hairstyle that ignores the typical physical laws. When first appeared, he is with strange bangs.
The hairstyle is not determined either to left or to right, and basically, is drawn freely as the preference of the illustrator. The official left or right is not fixed, and the position of the hairstyle often moves. It should be good to describe it as the hairstyle of Suneo(Doraemon).
He has so-called Japanese appearance with thin lips but very big mouth.
There are a few front-facing illustrations in the fighting game made by Capcom, according to which, it seems that it is correct to stretch hairs above the right ear. In All-Star Battle, the bangs modeled on the right side, you can see a scene where he tells Jōsuke Higashikata that「my hairstyle is more delicate」.


After returning, Kakyoin started to wear sunglasses. At first it looked like normal shaped round glasses, but after 6 pages, the design had already changed. It became a well written cyber-like one, like a painting. In recent years, it is often said that it is similar to the Alter User longing for speed. In addition, in this state, the AC version made by Capcom, he was called 『 Kakyoin who overcomes Fear 』.
However, in fact, the performance of Kakyoin after his return was different from that before the landing in Egypt when he had a great win. He was defeated in the battle with Telence T. D'Arby and turned into a doll. As mentioned above, in the battle with DIO, he was killed by The World. The total failure was a great misfortune.
Probably due to the fact that he had fought only twice. In the Egypt edition, he appeared only in the beginning and the end and when combating with Egypt 9 Glory Gods, he was not engaged much, so he was much less experienced than other members.
However, it is certain that thanks to his sacrifice, they can find out DIO's Stand. When dying, he sent the message to Joseph by destroying the clock which was understood by Joseph who sent the message to Jotaro. It is one important reason for their triumph.

His favorite artist is Sting who is famous for the theme song of Leon and so on.

There are scenes that He receives affections from high school girls and flight attendants on the plane, which indicate that he’s kinda handsome (it is only fans’ opinions). Also, at first glance, he tends to be seen as a woman.

Stand「Hierophant Green


It is a long-distance Stand that can unravel itself into multiple long strings
For details, refer to related article] Hierophant Green.


His name comes from the photographer,「Tenmei Kano」.
In the TV anime version, fake Kakyoin disguised by Rubber Soul, was also played by Daisuke Hirakawa, who revealed Kakyoin in a threatening tone.


He died at a mysterious level in AC made by Capcom. Specifically, either Avdol or Iggy can surive in the ED, but he had to『die in ED anyway』 (as well as Kakyoin who overcomes fear). Does Capcom have any grudges against Kakyoin?

Kakyoin in「EoH」

Reviving under the influence of the 「change」, he, as subordinate of DIO in the parallel world stopped in front of Jotaro.
He fought against them in the early time, but after returning to his sanity, he became their friend. However, later he hasn't appeared in any particular story. In the end, he fully recovered after one-month cure in the hospital where he made friends with Avdol and Iggy who were also resurrected. Because of the cure, he was alive.

Voice Actor

Shō Hayami (Drama CD) ... Later, he also plays other roles such as Vanilla Ice in the PS version fighting game and Part 3 TV anime , as well as Enrico Pucci in ASB.
[[[Mitsuaki Madono]] (Heritage for the Future)…Later, he plays Josuke Higashikata in ASB and EOH.
Hirotaka Suzuoki (OVA)
Kouji Yusa (All-Star Battle)
Daisuke Hirakawa (TV anime, Eyes of Heaven)

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