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Rohan Kishibe

A character from Part 4 of the manga JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Diamond is Unbreakable

One of the favorite things of this Rohan Kishibe is
To reject those who deem themselves as powerful with a “No”


A character in Part 4 Diamond is Unbreakable. Born in 1979 in S city, M prefecture. He is 20 years old (by the time of Part 4). His blood type is B. He has left many quotes, and many people say that he is the next most famous character after Jojo the protagonists and the boss characters because he has acted as the protagonist in spin-offs.

He is a popular manga artist, and is serializing his work Pink Dark Boy in Weekly Shonen Jump.
He draws his manga manuscript from the top without a draft, and the speed is so quick that even in the world where time has accelerated, he is able to finish drawing before the ink dries.
Therefore, he is able to draw 19 pages of manga in 4 days (and only 5 days for colored version) without an assistant.
When he is in good condition, he can draw 19 pages overnight. However, he spends the rest of the week relaxing, such as travelling, because he will “be regarded as cheap by the editorial department” if he stores too many paintings.



He is popular as a manga artist, but acts not so mature.
He has a strongly competitive personality…rather than saying that, he quite hates losing, and he is the type that will hold a grudge to things that are done to him.
He plays rock-paper-scissors with the child who asks him to play rock-paper-scissors by all means in the air, and set the architect man who never wants his back to be seen up to look at his back.
Just like what is shown in his Chinchirorin bout with Josuke and his behavior in the Highway Star battle, he thinks that “the way to defeat the opponent” is important (even more important than his own interest). When he was caught by the enemy, they tempted him by saying “If you set your fellows up, your life will be saved”, to which he replied “however, I refuse”; such a line resembles his personality, and is frequently cited as a meme.

In addition, he has an unthinkable quality to experience new or rare things by his own because he seeks realism in manga. When he found a spider at home, he dissect it to confirm the setting of guts, and even taste it to check the taste. He also makes use of his experience of actually being beaten badly to draw manga.
He also uses his own stand ability to borrow others’ experience as memes.

He has a very strange side, too, such as suddenly uses his ability against a person who he meets for the first time and tries to read until the parts about privacy, and kicks the child who lost the rock-paper-scissor game while laughing out loud.
When it comes to drawing manga, though it could be explained constrainedly as a part of the professionalism, he is quite selfish, for he does not refuse to sacrifice others if it is for manga.
However, he never for once exploited his stand which has a strong brainwashing ability (except the one time that he hunted Koichi down for manga), and even when facing pranks and in equal games (even if he is in the side of exposing the injustice), he does not like to use Heaven’s Door.
In the end, he cooperates with Josuke and others and fight against the opponent stand users. He is not a good person, but he can neither be called a bad person. He is extremely sincere, not to ethics, but to the rules set by himself. That is to say, he is a self-centered eccentric, but also righteous person.


The thing that looks like egg shell is a hairband. (→AbbacchioFoo Fighters)
Since he is a manga artist, he often designs fashion with the tip of pen, and his clothing changes frequently in the main story. Another feature is the bare midriff look for no special reasons.
↓ A Summary of Rohan-sensei’s fashion in the work ↓


Personal relationships

He basically dislikes human and avoids getting involved with others, and chose the career path of manga artist because of that. It is also for that reason that he did not hire an assistant. However, his motivation for drawing manga is not earning money or being pampered, but simply “to be read” . Other things won’t bother him.
He sometimes cooperates with Josuke Higashikata and Okuyasu Nijimura, but he is not very friendly.
He dislikes Josuke in particular because he was once beaten hard by him. He couldn’t forgive himself for failing to see through Josuke’s cheating in the Chinchirorin battle, and despite his little finger being hurt and was nearly cut off, he turned down Josuke’s offer to cure that with Crazy D. And in the middle of their battle, despite the fact that his home was on fire, he still gave priority to spotting Josuke’s cheating. Josuke was thus scared by him and escape the battle (the little finger is cured by confusing him).
He and Josuke’s mother Tomoko didn’t appear together in the main story, so he is completely ignorant of the fact that her freezing her son’s saving account was an indirect cause of the turmoil that caused Rohan’s house to be burned. Also, in TheBook, he helped Tomoko, who was dying from Takuma Hasumi’s violence.

On the other hand, he likes Koichi Hirose and considers him the only reliable person.
At first, he thought of using Koichi, but after his battle with Josuke he no longer did that.
After that, he was actively trying to build up interpersonal relationships by asking Koichi to accompany him when collecting materials as a manga artist, and helping Koichi speak foreign language using Heaven’s Door’s ability when Koichi went abroad.
Although Koichi did not give up his awareness and wariness for Rohan, he often helped Rohan when the later was attacked by the enemy stand “Cheap Trick”.


Although himself did not remember, he was involved in Yoshikage Kira’s first murder at the age of 4.
On the day of the incident, Rohan, who had stay only overnight at the Sugimoto residence, was helped by Reimi, but all Sugimoto family members were murdered.
For the next 15 years, Reimi Sugimoto became a ghost bound to a specific location and was looking for someone to find out the criminal. Rohan and Koichi are the first ones to be able to talk with Reimi Sugimoto, and when Rohan visited her tomb, he learned the details from the priest and remembered their relationship. He then started to pursue the truth of the case.

Stand Heaven’s Door (The Gate to Heaven)


A stand that has the ability to read and rewrite a person’s life and memory. See corresponding entry for details.

Relationship with Hirohiko Araki

It is often said among fans that “Isn’t (Rohan) in fact Hirohiko Araki (the author) himself?”. But this character called Rohan Kishibe is in fact the realization of “the ideal image of a manga artist for Mr. Araki”. For this reason, it seems that Mr. Araki was often took precautions against by those who first met him, for they may think “is he an eccentric like Rohan Kishibe?”

Although unlike Rohan, Mr. Hirohiko Araki can’t do without an assistant, he never delayed the manuscript (fail to meet the deadline). And just like Rohan, he was serializing about 5 days a week, which was in accordance with his schedule published on JOJOVELLER. He doesn’t seem to spend the rest of the days by playing, but when it comes to the speed as a manga artist, he is the same as Rohan.

In the “Hop☆Step Award” where serializing artists of Weekly Shonen Jump give their comments on the submitted works, somehow there’s a turn when Mr. Rohan Kishibe was in charge (the 103rd). It was made up by strict, heart-breaking comments by Rohan, and encouragement by Mr. Rohan’s friend, Mr. Araki, like “Although Rohan said so, I think this is pretty good”, which encouraged the contributors to follow him.
Of course, the strict comments by Rohan was also written by Mr. Araki, but from the eyes of people who don’t know about it, Mr. Araki seems to be a very gentle person, if only judging from this. That’s a little bit sly.

By the way, a scene of Okuyasu murmuring “Isn’t Mr. Rohan similar to someone?” was also inserted in the PV of All-Star Battle.
Also, in the spin-off at the Louvre, Okuyasu Nijimura talks about “Mr. Rohan looks like Mona Lisa”, Mr. Araki also looks like Mona Lisa

Side Story

  • Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan” series – spin-off of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series, stories featuring Rohan as the protagonist (for details, please see the corresponding entry)
  • Others include “Rohan at the Louvre” and “Rohan Kishibe Goes to Gucci”. (“…at the Louvre” has already been published as a separate book as a project of the originator.)

  • In the TV anime version, he showed up since the 14th episode, but at the end of the 1st episode, convenience store robbery incident, there were scenes of a figure that seems to be Rohan among Yajiuma and fellows, and in the 13th episode there is a scene of him (though the figure is not shown) handing over a manuscript to the person in charge.

Voice Actor

Hiroshi Kamiya (All-Star Battle, Eyes of Heaven
Takahiro Sakurai (TV anime version)

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