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Marie no Kakuu Sekai

A song included on the album "Mekakucity Records".

"No, I don't want this. I don't want to say goodbye to everyone!"
The kind of world that the medusa, who lives at a different pace than everyone else, desires is...


An original Vocaloid song by Jin (Shizen no TekiP). It is included on the album Mekakucity Records.
"A story of closing one's eyes."

Marie is the protagonist. The soft melody has a fairy tale-like feel, and in the first-print limited edition booklet, a manga version by Satou Mahiro is included. It serves as the final chapter to the music version of the Kagerou Project.


同じ声に 同じ風景に
気付けずに 心は弾むのでしょう

onaji koe ni onaji fuukei ni
kidzukezu ni kokoro wa hazumu no deshou


mata tsugi no onaji mirai mo
atarashiku omoeteshimau no deshou


"doushita no? wakaranai yo"
kimi no me wa kataku tojite

夕焼けの色 伝う涙は
切に願う 心を赤く染める

yuuyake no iro tsutau namida wa
setsu ni negau kokoro wo akaku someru


"ano ne, mata ashita mo tsugi no hi mo
kimi to irareta nara, ureshisugite"


kitto watashi wa, tada kurikaesu
kimi to asu no sora wo nagameru tame


itsuka miteita sekai ni deau tame

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