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My Master Has No Tail

My Master Has No Tail (うちの師匠はしっぽがない) is a manga series written by TNSK that has been serialised in Kodansha's monthly Good! Afternoon magazine since 2019.


My Master Has No Tail (うちの師匠はしっぽがない, Uchi no Shishō wa Shippo ga Nai), abbreviated as Shippona (しっぽな), is a manga series written by TNSK.

It has been serialized in Kodansha's monthly Good! Afternoon since issue 2, 2019. Nine volumes already published as of October 6 2022.



Set in Osaka in the Taisho period (1912-1926), the story is about a young bake-danuki (yokai tanuki) girl who learns Kamigata Rakugo in order to become a popular rakugoka (meaning lone storyteller, a still used form of Japanese entertainment made back in the Heian period).


Mameda, a young bake-danuki girl living on Awaji Island, has had a strong dream and longing to become such a splendid yokai tanuki herself since she was a child when her father told her amusing stories about how they could bewitch humans.
However, in the prosperous times of Taisho culture, when human civilization had advanced, such a vision was always dismissed by the family as an anachronism.

One day, though, an opportunity arose for Mameda to travel alone to Osaka on an errand, and she took the good fortune of leaving her hometown.
What awaited her in Osaka, nevertheless, was people who could no longer be bewitched anymore under the 'radiance of knowledge' in the developing society.
Ignoring her family's repeated warnings, the pranks she starts with great gusto are all detected and she is pursued by angry people as an exterminating target.

When Mameda meets a female rakugo storyteller, Bunko Daikokutei, she rebels against Bunko's words, but then she happens to stumble upon a rakugo theatre, is fascinated by Bunko's "rakugo" storytelling skills and is literally "bewitched".

Mameda is saved from the humans by Bunko, an incarnation of yokai who lives as a human, and realises that "even in a world such as this, if it is a rakugo storytelling, there will be no complaints and it will even be permitted!". She decides that her true dream is to become a rakugoka, and applies to become an apprentice to Bunko.

At first, Mameda was stubbornly rejected, but Bunko, defeated by her persistence, half provoked Mameda into becoming her apprentice by saying, "If you can steal something, steal it".
Thus began Mameda's long and hard road to becoming a rakugo storyteller.


Mameda / Mameda Daikokutei

CV: Mao Ichimichi


Mameda is the protagonist of the story. A girl who is a transformed tanuki who aspires to become a raconteur in human society.

Bunko Daikokutei

CV: Hibiku Yamamura / Kaede Yuasa (YouTube)


A first-class female rakugo storyteller, whose name is known throughout Osaka.

Shirara Tsubaki

CV: Lynn


A novice storyteller girl who acts as a curtain raiser at the yose theatre in which Bunko performs.

Matsu / Omatsu

CV: Natsuki Aikawa


A Ochako staff at Shunrai-tei.


CV: Ayumu Murase
Sekitei (yose owner).


CV: Ikumi Hasegawa
Shamisen player.


The major leading storytellers of Kamigata rakugo in Mameda's era.

  1. Bunko Daikokutei
  2. Byakudanji Tsubaki
  3. Enshi Kirino
  4. Utaroku Ebisuya


Buncho Daikokutei

CV: Jun'ichi Suwabe


CV: Yūichirō Umehara

Mameda's Father

CV: Jun'ya Enoki


CV: Shin'ya Takahashi


The first chapter of the series is posted in a full-page on pixiv by the author, TNSK, as a sample read.



An animation adaptation was announced on August 3 2021, to be broadcast on Tokyo MX, Mainichi Broadcasting System and BS Asahi from October 2022. Animation production is by Leiden Films.

Theme Songs

Opening Theme "Gen'ai Yuugi" (幻愛遊戯)
Lyrics: MARiA / Composition: toku / Song: GARNiDELiA

Ending Theme "Virginia" (ヴァージニア)
Lyrics: Yuho Iwasato / Composition: Ryo Kurata / String arrangement: Tetsuya Kobayashi / Song: Hinano


Original StoryTNSK
DirectorHideyo Yamamoto
Series CompositionTouko Machida
Script WritterKei Shimobayashi / Aya Satsuki / Yuho Togashi
Character Design / Chief Animation DirectorHaruka Yamauchi
Prop Design / Main AnimatorKenta Mimuro
Art directionSatoshi Takahata
Art DirectorYukihiro Saito
Color DesignerMisato Aida
Director of PhotographyTomoyoshi Ishizuka
EditingMai Hasegawa
MusicTsukasa Yatoki / Atsushi Harada / Yuki Honda
Music ProductionPony Canyon
Music ProducerYuki Watanabe
Sound DirectorRyosuke Naya
ProducerHirofumi Ito / Yuki Watanabe / Hiroshi Kamei / Takuma Kishida / Yohei Fukui / Yanjie Pei/ Koki Hieda
Animation ProducerYuichi Oyama
Animation ProductionLeiden Films
Production CommitteeShunrai-tei Katsudo Shashinbu

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