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Naotora Takeda

Naotora Takeda is a character from Orient. He is one of the Five Grand Generals of Hi no Moto and the Captain of the Takeda Bushi.


BirthdayFebruary 22th
Blood TypeO
Japanese VASatoshi Hino


He is a very charismatic man, meaning he is easily able to bring people over to his side with his sense of honor and how he cares for the people of Hi no Moto. He also has a rather mischievous side, often taking any chance he can to play small jokes on Musashi.

Unlike other Bushi, he does not seem rooted in tradition, deciding that Uesugi was a bit too strict when it came to blood relations among Bushi. Likewise, he does not revere the Obsidian Goddess as a necessary entity and likens her more to a person the world could do without; however, the reason for this has not been explained properly yet.

He carries a vendetta against the Obsidian Brotherhood for causing a slaughter in his clan 10 years ago. It is noted he especially blames Shiro, as he was the one present during the tragedy.

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