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Topaz & Numby

Topaz & Numby is a playable character in Honkai: Star Rail.
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Money is a means, not an end. Work should make you happy... That's the most fundamental principle.


Real NameJelena
PathThe Hunt
FactionInterastral Peace Corporation
IPC RankP44
AffiliationStrategic Investment Department, Ten Stonehearts
Voice ActressSam Slade (English), Yoshino Nanjou (Japanese)


Topaz, Senior Manager of the Strategic Investment Department in the Interastral Peace Corporation, and leader of the Special Debts Picket Team.

Already a member of the "Ten Stonehearts" at a young age, Topaz's core stone is the "Topaz of Debt Retrieval."

Her partner, the Warp Trotter "Numby", is also capable of acutely perceiving where "riches" are located. It can even perform jobs involving security, debt collection, and actuarial sciences.

Presently they are traversing the cosmos together, chasing down various debts and liabilities that negatively influence the IPC's commercial ventures.


  • Basic ATK: Deficit...


Still no repayments?

Deals Fire Damage equal to 50% - 110% of Topaz's ATK to a single target enemy.

  • Skill: Difficulty Paying?


Smash them up, Numby!

Inflict a Proof of Debt state on a single target enemy, this state will increase the Damage the target receive from follow-up attacks by 25% - 55%. After that, Numby attacks the target enemy and dealing Fire Damage equal to 75% - 165% of Topaz's ATK. This attack is considered a follow-up attack.

If no enemy targets have Proof of Debt state during an allied turn (at the start of your turn or action), Topaz can inflict this state on a random enemy.

Proof of Debt will only take effect on the most recent target and when Topaz is knocked down, Proof of Debt will be disappeared.

  • Ultimate: Turn a Profit!

Topaz and Numby托帕&账账

The market is unpredictable...

Huh? Right! Investing in victory... means playing the long game!

Numby will enter the Windfall Bonanza! state, in this state, Numby increases Damage multiplier by 75% - 165% and increases Critical Damage by 12.5% - 27.5%. Also, when the enemies have Proof of Debt state are hit by a Basic ATK, Skill, or Ultimate, Numby's action is Advanced Forward by 50%.

The Windfall Bonanza! state will be gone after Numby attacks 2 times.

  • Talent: Trotter Market!?

Summons Numby at the start of the battle. Numby starts out with 80 Speed and launches follow-up attacks when they take action. They deal Fire Damage equal to 75% - 165% of Topaz's ATK to a single target enemy inflicted with Proof of Debt state.

During turns where Numby does not take action, if a target in the Proof of Debt state receives a follow-up attack, Numby's action will be Advanced Forward by 50%. The action Advance Forward effect cannot be triggered during Numby's own turn.

When Topaz is defeated, Numby disappears.

  • Technique: Explicit Subsidy

star rail

It's a bull market.

Gotta know the risks...

Topaz summons Numby for exploration. Numby will automatically search for Basic Treasure and Warp Trotter in a certain range.

After Topaz uses this Technique to enter the battle, she can regenerate 60 Energy after Numby's first attack; also a small amount of additional credits is awarded if Topaz is still in the team after winning a battle (Max 10,000 bonus credits that can be earned in every day).

This Technique also works for winning battles in the Simulated Universe, but instead of credits, Topaz will receive a small amount of Cosmic Fragments and a chance to receive a random Curio.


OverdraftWhen Topaz deals Damage with a Basic ATK, it counts as a follow-up attack.
Financial TurmoilTopaz & Numby's Damage dealt to enemy targets with Fire Weakness is increased by 15%.
Stonks MarketAfter Numby in the Windfall Bonanza! state attacks, Topaz will recover an additional 10 Energy.


1Future MarketWhen an enemy in the Proof of Debt state receives follow-up attacks, they will enter the Debtor state. This effect can be activated up to once per attack. Critical Damage of follow-up attacks received by enemies in the Debtor state is increased by 25%, stacking up to 2 times. When Proof of Debt is removed, the Debtor state is also removed.
2Bona Fide AcquisitionAfter Numby takes action and attacks, Topaz regenerates 5 Energy.
3Seize the Big and Free the SmallSkill Level +2, up to a maximum of Level 15. Basic ATK Level +1, up to a maximum of Level 10.
4Agile OperationWhen it is Numby's turn, Topaz's action is Advanced Forward by 20%.
5Inflationary DemandUltimate Level +2, up to a maximum of Level 15. Talent Level +2, up to a maximum of Level 15.
6Incentive MechanismWhen in the Windfall Bonanza! state, Numby's attack count increases by 1, and Fire Resistance Penetration when attacking increases by 10%.

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About Other Characters編集

This part is about what Topaz thinks about the other characters in Honkai: Star Rail.

They've always liked shiny things — gold coins, gems, you name it. They're like a big fat investment account accruing interest... Guess I should've just named them "Piggy."


In the IPC — no — even just the Strategic Investment Department — there are plenty of unsavory characters I don't care for. They may be my colleagues, but we're not the same. Take Aventurine, for instance... I sincerely hope you never have to deal with him.


Lady Jade is like nobility to me, beautiful and capable. She is always so kind and willing to guide and support the younger generation! When I think about the first time I met her, I still get nervous... Time does fly.


The supreme guardian of Belobog... Well, she's an impressive little girl well beyond her years in maturity... Huh? You're saying I'm about her age? No, no, no, totally different circumstances, no comparison at all...


I've heard about Himeko of the Astral Express — my colleagues were gossiping about how beautiful and knowledgeable she is. If I ever get the chance, I'd love to meet her.

The most mysterious character on the Astral Express is that conductor — the one who looks like a little creature... Their reputation precedes them. If they're as interesting as the rumors suggest, I'll definitely have to meet them sooner or later! And hopefully, I'll get to pet them too!

Lady Asta! Now that's a real lady if I ever saw one. You'll never guess just how wealthy she really is!


Stellaron Hunters? We aren't acquainted. Never worked with them on any projects. Supposedly those guys are hard to get in touch with, but they have an unexpectedly good credit record — which I value far more than any groundless conspiracy theories.

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