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Aki Hayakawa

Aki Hayakawa (早川 アキ) is a devil hunter from Chainsaw Man.

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SpeciesHuman (formerly), Fiend
CV (JPN)Shogo Sakata
CV (ENG)Reagan Murdock

Aki Hayakawa (早川 アキ, Hayakawa Aki) is a devil hunter belonging to the Public Safety Devil Hunters Special Division 4. He is three years the senior of the main character, Denji, and later he, Denji and Power live together in his home where Aki acts as their guardian and watchdog.

He has a history of having his family (parents and younger brother Taiyo) killed by the Gun Devil, and he chose to become a devil hunter to take revenge against the Gun Devil.
He is from Hokkaido and returns home every year to visit his family's grave.


Aki is young man with black hair (in the original color illustration, his hair is both black and blue. In the full-colored manga version, he has blue hair), which he wears high on the back of his head. His distinctive hairstyle, which is called a chonmage, is intended to compensate the Fox Devil described below for the part of his hair that he has grown (from an extra manga in the fifth volume of the book).
He has a well-defined face, as mentioned in the work, and is relatively tall.
She has droopy eyes and rather short eyebrows, and wears one earring in each ear. The color of the piercings is not consistent in the original color illustration, but in the anime they are black.
Her eyes are light blue.

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