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Brave Witches

Brave Witches is the nickname of the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing appearing in the World Witches series, or the title of a TV anime that broadcast in 2016.
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Brave Witches is a TV animation from the multimedia project World Witches series, first broadcast in 2016. It depicts 'the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing' also known as 'Brave Witches', the second Witches following the TV anime series Strike Witches.

The story is set in Petersburg, Eastern Europe, and features Hikari Karibuchi as the protagonist.

The production of the animation was handled by SILVERLINK..


In the 1930s, the Neuroi, enemies of humanity, suddenly appeared in Europe and other parts of the world. The Neuroi are difficult to destroy with conventional weapons, and only girls with special magical powers, known as Witches, are able to fight them...

Brave Witches is the story between the first and second seasons of Strike Witches.

In September 1944, thanks to the activities of the Allied Forces, primarily the 501st Joint Fighter Wing 'Strike Witches', the Neuroi nest over the Republic of Gallia was obliterated and the safety of western Europe was secured. Taking this opportunity, the Allied Forces planned a full-scale counter-offensive operation in the central and eastern parts of Europe. The 502nd Joint Fighter Wing 'Brave Witches', based in Petersburg in the Orussian Empire, was also about to be ordered to go into action.

With the hope of humanity on their shoulders, these courageous Witches are flying through the cold skies of Eastern Europe.


Hikari Karibuchi, a Witch trainee living in Sasebo, looks up to her older sister and an elite Witch of the Fusō Navy, Takami Karibuchi. In order to catch up with Takami even just a little bit, Hikari has been making efforts every day.

One day, it was decided to send one of the witches from the Sasebo Aviation Witch Preparatory School to Europe. Hikari volunteered to go to Europe to become like her older sister.

Hikari overcomes the selection test and boards the naval fleet bound for Europe with Takami, who is scheduled to go to the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing, but on the way, the fleet is attacked by Neuroi, and Takami is mortally wounded.

In response to this situation, Hikari, an F rank failure witch, joins the 502nd, an elite unit close to the war front, in place of her sister.

Character Appearances編集

502nd Joint Fighter Wing (502JFW) "Brave Withes"編集

The unit is based in Petersburg in the Empire of Orussia, where the story takes place. The main witches in the story belong to this unit. It is an expert unit that defends Petersburg and plans to launch an offensive against the Neuroi in Eastern Europe.

Legend: Name (nationality, rank)

  • Takami Karibuchi (Fuso, Flying Officer) - Hikari's elder sister.

Other Characters編集

  • Miya Misumi - Hikari's classmate. Top of her class at Preparatory School.
  • Fumika Kitagō - Headmaster of the Sasebo Aviation Preparatory School.
  • Mie Shindō
  • Nora Taylor
  • Aurora E. Juutilainen

  • Claus Mannerheim - commander-in-chief mannerheim of Suomus force

Theme Songs編集

Opening Song編集

"Ashita no Tsubasa" (アシタノツバサ)

Lyrics by Mio Aoyama / Composed and arranged by Shota Horie / Sung by Yoko Ishida

Enging Song編集


Lyrics by Maki Watase / Composed by Tomohisa Kawazoe / Arranged by Yujiro Okano

Cover by the characters of the original song by the Japanese rock band LINDBERG.

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